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The Pitch: Hungarian melodic death metal featuring some epic Spanish guitar and horns.

What I Like:  The horn arrangments are spectacular.  It’s not the first time I have heard wind and/or brass instruments in metal, but Bloodrainbow have taken things in a different direction.  This is like melodeath for conquistadors, which makes the cover all the more fitting.  If metal existed during the Spanish Inquisition or otherwise general aggressive spread of Christianity, it might have sounded like this.  And even without these additions, the vocals, guitars (tons of sweeps and solos), drums, and especially the bass are all strong in their own right.

What I Don’t Like: A few of these songs feel a bit overlong and the “clean” vocals could use a little work.

The Verdict: Original take on melodeath and folk that doesn’t overly rely on a gimmick, but rather uses its unique elements as a means to broaden already strong compositions.  Buy HERE.

Flight’s Fav’s: Stalingrad, Outcast from Eden, Harpoon and Sonar

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