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Italian hardcore has really made its mark so far this decade with some great releases from as diverse bands as Viscera//, The Secret, and the frantic duo Zeus! just to name a few. And judging by the debut full-length of Zeit, there´s still greatness to come.
Originally released in 2015 and quickly sold out, and now being reissued through a whole cavalry of underground labels. ’The World is Nothing’ is 24 minutes of chaotic, aggressive, raging hardcore that never loses its high-octane pace leaving no room to breathe.

These ten tracks rarely pass the 3-minute mark, and the album is jam-packed with hyperactive drumming, complex, atonal riffing and intense screaming from start to finish.
Sure, there are some clear influences by some well-known hardcore bands I don’t feel the need to mention, but Zeit has taken these influences and given it their own twist.
Elements of math-core, punk, grindcore, metallic hardcore and subtle, sinister black-metal harmonics, merged into a fiery ball of sonic energy. Just listen to tracks like opener World and Distances, or the frantic Walls of the World and try to sit still.


The sound fits this music perfectly, its dirty, yet polished enough to make space for the details of the intricate drumming and guitar-work through their chaotic expression.
When you sit through the whole album it can be difficult to tell the songs apart, as there´s not much space in-between and the intensity of the album is relentless, but it really doesn’t matter because when you put this on you´re not going to turn it off until its over.

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Eirik Vandal Just another music nerd with a taste for the weird and noisy. I also make music on my own and in the bands Maundering and Black Anus.