WARCRAB (UK) – Scars of Aeons (Death Metal/Sludge Metal)

Death metal meets sludge metal. Sheer heaviness meets grimy riffing. This devastating mix has been invented by the UK band WARCRAB. The songs are laden with a unique kind of groove but not the one that you’re familiar with. This is tremendously heavy death-groove that derives from the sludge realm and is expressed with unimaginable force and vigour. The music is pulsating with raw energy that snowballs into something absolutely unstoppable. This is a juggernaut getting into motion. WARCRAB’s second full length album is being pressed on CD for the first time and is a mighty precursor for what’s to come in the foreseeable future. Prepare to be steamrolled and give up your soul indefinitely.

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– “these Brits can thrash it out” – DECIBEL MAGAZINE (US)

– “unique genre blending” – METAL INJECTION (US)

– “it will certainly find it’s way high up on my year end list” – MOSHPITNATION (US) 5/5

– “my top 10 favorite death metal bands of the last decade” – TEETH OF THE DIVINE (US)

“a modern doom masterpiece” – ROCK N REEL REVIEWS (UK) 5/5

– “masterful” – RAMZINE (UK) 5/5

– “one of the biggest, brightest, and stupendously heaviest discoveries” – NO CLEAN SINGING (US)

– “masterpiece” – THE SLUDGELORD (UK)

– “Championship of the year 2017” – POWER METAL (Germany)

– “fucking great” – THE KILLCHAIN (UK)

– “understand what it takes to get to the top” – TWO GUYS METAL REVIEWS (France)

– “an absolute pleasure” – WONDERBOX METAL (UK)

– “None fucking heavier” – REAPER ZINE (Germany) 9/10

– “This will crush you for sure!” – MAXIMUM METAL 4.5/5

– “an echo of slower Benediction and Bolt Thrower” – WORMWOOD CHRONICLES (US)

– “monster” – Metal.de (Germany) 8/10

– “kicks some major metallic booty” – ABSOLUTE ZERO MEDIA (US)

– “crushingly crafted blend of Death, Sludge and Doom Metal” – METAL TALK (UK) 9/10

– “the love child of Conan and Bolt Thrower” – ZWARE METALEN (Netherlands)

– “a perfect home in between both sludge and death metal” – DISTORTED SOUND MAG (Belgium) 8/10

– “a thundering good time” – THE BURNING BEARD (UK)

– “outstanding” – DEVIL’S GATE MEDIA (UK)

– “you are sure to enjoy this one” – THE GAUNTLET (UK)

– “one of the most enjoyable, addictive pieces of doom” – THE SOUND NOT THE WORD (UK)

– “one of the most complete and thrilling Sludge/Doom Metal albums” – THE HEADBANGING MOOSE (UK)

– “heavy cudgel riffs of Entombed and Bolt Thrower with the slow grinding caustic sounds of old school New Orleans sludge metal” – NEW NOISE MAGAZINE (US)

– “something special” – WORSHIP METAL (UK) 8/10

– “great sounding mixture of sludge, doom and death metal” – DOOMED TO DARKNESS (US) 8/10