SEEDNA (Sweden) – Forlorn (Atmospheric Black Metal)

SEEDNA from Sweden are changing the perception of the black metal genre. They’ve crafted a beautiful full length album that’s intuitively tempered with harsh as well as soothing moments, taking influences from outside the genre but blending it in flawlessly. The ‘hourglass’ on the cover symbolizes the continuation of life after death; the album is strangely nostalgic yet refreshing, as if we’re getting back memories of a past birth. There’s the familiarity of the black metal genre but a tingling sense of freshness to it, which makes you want to experience it to the fullest, live life all over again. The album, with its well-timed alternating interludes, only embraces you completely, as you begin to lose track of time and reality. This one shatters the binding norms and creates music that elevates the soul to new realms. Almost akin to a spiritual journey, ‘Forlorn’ is full of revelations, as you go unprepared but expecting perchance a life-redeeming experience, one that will bring you closer to the attainment of nirvana.

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Latest reviews –

“Forlorn continues to maintain a strong individual identity which is difficult to place in a genre box” – Metal Injection (US)

“a rare gem” – Noisey (US)

“sets atmospheric black metal-influenced movements” – Rolling Stone (India)

“Don’t skip this one.” – Stereogum (US)

“black metal record of the year” – The Killchain (UK)

“one of the masterpieces” – Iye Zine (Italy)

“tearing down preconceptions about black metal” – Soundscape Magazine (UK) 9/10

“highly recommended, original album.” – Franconia Metallum (Germany)

“an interesting phenomenon” – Metal Underground (Austria)

“a captivating work of art” – Angry Metal Guy (US)

“has significant replay value” – Metal Blast 4.5/5

“changing the face of black metal as we know it.” – Echoes and Dust (UK)

“a great amalgamation of styles” – Merchants of Air (Belgium)

“right up there with the best of them.” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)

“a true gem” – Head-Bangers Reviews (US)

“inventive in their approach” – Metal Observer (Canada) 8.5/10

“a quality album” – Aux Portes Du Metal (France)

“they are the masters of this genre.” – The Deadman Review (India)

“an album well worth checking out” – Hallowed (Sweden)

“Seedna will make many great albums in the years to come.” – Mondo Metal (US)

“Forlorn is an exercise in emotion” – Dire Notes (US)

“an expansive journey through purgatory.” – Metal Trenches (US)

“For those who dare to step into the darkness.” – Lords of Metal (Netherlands)

“a ‘dreamy record'” – Ragherrie (Netherlands)

“a high degree of artistic flair and musicianship.” – Worship Metal (US)

“great sounding atmospheric and experimental black metal band” – Occult Black Metal (US)

“part of the revolution we’ve seen brewing in black metal.” – Sorrow Eternal (US)

“It interweaves elements of atmospheric black metal, post-metal, and doom in a tide of sound that ebbs and flows but never seems completely part of this world.” – No Clean Singing (US)

Seedna line up –
Erik: Bass
Gabriel: Guitar
Johan: Drums
Max: Guitar
Olle: Vocals and Ritual Instruments

Seedna Facebook –