PAGANIZER (Sweden) – On the Outskirts of Hades (Death Metal)

PAGANIZER, the Swedish death metal warmachine, emerge with their latest epic. ‘On the Outskirts of Hades’ is a testament to the glory of the classic death metal style and its virility. Rogga Johansson and his main band are in best form. This is the most crushing output to come out Sweden in years. It showcases not just the exemplary songwriting skills of this great and experienced band but also its sheer muscle – it eats the newer ones raw and shits them out whole. PAGANIZER have never sounded better; each song is adrenaline-fused, laden with massive viking axe-hooks, earth-pounding percussion, and topped off with roars echoing down from Valhalla. Along with AFFLICTION GATE’s EP, this one will go down as one of the mightiest death metal EPs to be released this year.

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“This is punishing and beautiful Swedish death metal chugging along at its finest.” – Metal Injection (US)


“just perfect” – Brave Words (Canada)


“an essential death metal record of 2016” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)


“it’s pretty hard to fault this EP” – Ave Noctum (UK) 8.5/10


“the best thing Rogga and Paganizer have done in a long time.” Wormwood Chronicles (US)


“ridiculously catchy” – No Clean Singing (US)


“immensely gratifying” – Sludgelord (UK)


“Swedish death metal that absolutely rocks.” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)


“perfect” – Glacially Musical (US)


“PAGANIZER knocked it out of the park with this” – Amps and Green Screens (UK) 4.5/5


“if you love your old school Swedish Death Metal aka Grave/ Bloodbath/ Vomitory, you will love this” – RocknReel Reviews (UK) 4.5/5


“Zero compromise” – (Germany) 8/10


“deliver slabs of Swedish oldschool and they do so with gusto.” – Lords of Metal (Netherlands)


“epic” – Franconia Metallum (Germany) 8/10


“a searing trip through dizzying death metal riffs” – Soundscape Magazine (UK) 8/10


“immense strength, class and experience” – Disfactory (Italy)


“feels fresh from beginning to end” – Dead Rhetoric (US)


“another great sounding recording from Paganizer” – True Bringer of Death (US)


“solid release from these Swedish veterans” – All About the Rock (UK) 8/10 AATR Approved!


“proven old school death metal from Sweden” – Metalhead (Italy)


“Four songs that annihilate” – Iye Zine (Italy)


“This EP is just what you expect from Rogga and Paganizer.” – The Power of Metal (Denmark)


“haven’t tired of it yet.” – We Love Metal (UK)


“nothing but bliss” – Metal Temple (Greece) 8/10


“delivered a prime product.” – Live Reviewer (Netherlands)


“a delightful sample of Swedish old school death” – Wings of Death (Netherlands)


“Ich genieße auf jeden Fall diese geile EP” – XXL Rock (Germany)


“real death metal” – Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)