NORSE (Australia) – Pest (Dissonant Black Metal)

Norse play a visceral, fiery form of mutated black metal. The music is highly dissonant, whipping out hooks and dirge-laden sections in places where you would least expect them. It is intrinsically atmospheric, adding layers to your reality, and yet making complete sense. Norse create an album that is pensive, charged with an electric industrial ambiance, and follows a pattern that’s hard to follow or repeat. ‘Pest’ is the latest album by the Australian band, bound for stunning the audiences worldwide with its groundbreaking and catchy form of dissonant black metal.

Line up:
ADR – vocals, lyrics
Forge – All instruments



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Selected press –

“far experimental than the greater part of the bands of the style” – Metal Temple (Greece)

“Indescribably and glorious” – Two Guys Metal Reviews (France)

“Wounds and scars are guaranteed as is one of the best rewarding releases this year.” – Ringmaster Reviews (UK)

“brilliantly horrific” – Metal Obsession (Australia)

“Forget black metal; this is bleak metal.” – Metal Forces Magazine (UK)

“It may well frighten you terribly.” – Metal as Fuck

“The riffs are twisted and bent out of shape” – The Midlands Rock

“the riffs slide and slither over each other in serpentine ways delivering a refreshing listening experience” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)