HENRY KANE (Sweden) – Den Förstörda Människans Rike (Death/Crust Metal)

From Jonny Pettersson of WOMBBATH comes HENRY KANE, a ferocious slab of crusty Swedish death metal like no other. Rarely before has death metal been so vigorously channelled via the template of crustcore, leaving it infected with rabid fervour few can muster up the courage to withstand. This not only blends genres but lends to it an atmospheric quality fostered by an emotional undercurrent. Amidst slabs of cascading concrete, you have faint but poignant melodies making an appearance, changing the landscape of this expression. Nostalgic yet amplified to modern day aggression, HENRY KANE is the future of Swedish death metal and crust, a marriage made in a perfect post-apocalyptic world.

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– “a battering ram of crusty death metal” – DECIBEL MAGAZINE (US)

– “the hugest-sounding grind album since Nasum’s Human 2.0” – BRAVEWORDS (Canada)

– “tapping into a vibe not often felt since the glory days of Relapse” – SCREAMING GUITARS (US)

– “d-beat/crust/death/grind glory” – METAL INJECTION (US)

– “among the best of 2017” – PURO RUIDO

– “This is officially the first album to make it to my contenders-for-best-of-2017-album-list” – WONDERBOX METAL (UK)

– “Even your worst nightmare couldn’t produce something so nihilistic!” – RAMZINE (UK) 5/5!

– “delicious Crust” – XXL Rock (Germany) 6/7

– “a great record” – METAL BROTHERS (SPAIN)

– “will conjure halcyon memories of rust and crust for those who linger in the shadows” – HEAVY BLOG IS HEAVY (US)

– “it’s bound to receive some sort of cult following” – ANGRY METAL GUY (US)

– “the future of Swedish death metal and crust” – DEAD RHETORIC (US)

– “Excellent” – DEADLY STORM (Czech Republic)

– “superb crust-infused death metal” – TOILET OV HELL (US)

– “lots of energy and aggression” – LEGACY MAGAZINE (Germany)

– “manical, crusty death metal” – METAL TRENCHES (US)

– “dripping with old school circa-92 Swedeath hostility” – METAL-RULES (Canada)

– “a no-nonsense slab of filth-dripping violence” – AVE NOCTEM (UK)

– “both grindcore fans as death metal fans will love it” – LIVE REVIEWER (Netherlands)

– “a brutal thunderstorm” – TOTGEHOERT (Germany)

– “certifiably insane” – NO CLEAN SINGING (US)

– “essential album to have in this new year” – HEAD-BANGER REVIEWS (US)

– “the kind of album you’ll hear different things on each listen” – THE KILLCHAIN (UK)

– “great” – DOOM TO GRIND (US) 8/10

– “a massacre of demons” – METAL EYES (Italy)

– “harmonious marriage between Scandinavian death metal and crust” – METAL NA LATA (Spain) 8.5/10