FETID ZOMBIE (US) – Epicedia (Death Metal)

Mark Riddick is a legend in the underground. His works are in existence since the early ’90s and so is his passion for occult-tinged old school death metal. After putting out a handful of releases and numerous splits, he has unleashed his masterpiece upon us. The album ‘Epicedia’ features a unique collaboration with some of the most esteemed musicians from around the world. It is epic in every sense of the term. Reminiscent of bands like The Chasm, Nocturnus, Grave, Deceased, Master and Sepultura, it’s a mix of all styles, a blend of outstanding elements from each one of them but presented in a fetid sound bearing his trademark vocals. Each song is close to 10 minutes long – four monoliths in all – each showcasing a progressive elaboration of death metal that is raw and decaying at its core. All put together, Fetid Zombie concoct festering death metal with an otherworldly aura, replete with fantastic solos and memorable song structures, one that is refreshing and atmospheric in its own special way.

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– “gnarly, epic, forward-thinking-yet-utterly-feral masterpiece” – Decibel Magazine (US)



– “old school death metal at its finest” – Metal Injection (US)


– “essential listening” – Sonic Abuse (UK) 10/10


– “death metal experience like none other” – Metal Addicts (UK) 100%


– “wonderfully dark and thought-provoking” – All About The Rock (UK) 10/10


– “celebrate this orgy of audio destruction” – Cvlt Nation (US)


– “underground and repugnant, but also big and boundless.” – Metal Sucks (US)


– “possibly the quintessential album of 2016 by fucking miles.” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)


– “great sinister atmosphere” – Wings of Death (Netherlands)


– “Riddick succeeds” – Powermetal (Germany) 9/10


– “highly enjoyable and engaging” – Don’s Metal Reviews (US) 90/100


– “Compulsory purchase!” – Franconia Metallum (Germany) 8/10


– “This is awesome” – The Killchain (UK)


– “just majestic” – Metal Banger (US)


– “excellent” – Metal Banger


– “splendid” – Empire Zone (Spain) 8.5/10


– “quite excellent” – Third Eye Cinema (US)


– “rotten death metal with an unearthly aura” – The Sludgelord (UK)


– “Fetid Zombie’s finest work to date” – Ripple Music (US)


– “very interesting” – Salad Days (Italy) 8/10


– “worth all the praise it has received” – Eternal Terror (Germany)


– “has an occult charisma” – Crossfire Metal (Germany)


– “clearly a man with many talents” – XXL Rock (Germany)


– “endlessly surprising” – Pavillon 666 (France)


– “infectious” – Zware Metalen (Netherlands)


– “Riddick makes no apologies or compromises for his unique vision” – Metal Bulletin (US)


– “reminds me of everything from Morgoth to Death” – Merchants of Air (Belgium)


– “a beautiful LP” – Glacially Musical (UK)


– “an album that I recommend” – Reviews to my Blood (Spain)


– “Very good!” – Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)


– “dark but captivating with epic moments” – Necromance Magazine (Spain) 8.5/10!


– “musicianship is second to none” – Dead Rhetoric (US)


– “One more good job in the career of the zombie stinky” – Metal Na Lata (Spain) (poorly translated)


– “has a passion for occult old-school death metal” – Hard Rock Info (Sweden)


– “an ode to the dead” – The Deadman Review (India)


– “it is full of spirit” – Dissecting the Euphony (Malaysia)