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PREMIERE: Folk metal band ENVIKTAS unveil new song from the upcoming album ‘Mantra’



Australia is full of surprises – I’d never known they had an active folk metal scene until I came across ‘Tales From The Southern Realm’ compilation featuring such artists from that beautiful and historically rich country. Folk metal band Enviktas not only took a part in it, but they’re taking things forward by announcing a new album titled ‘Mantra’ which is due for a release in 2017. We have the opportunity to do an exclusive premiere of one of the songs off that much awaited album.


The premiere is of the song Denali and what we have here is a video format representation of it, a lyric video at that, fully animated and cool as hell. Featuring guest vocals from Sakis of Rotting Christ, it’s clearly an ambitious attempt here and it’s topped off by excellent and superbly paced drumming of Robin Stone of Norse (signed to Transcending Obscurity Records, incidentally). It starts off slow, delves into various moods and flavours, and pulsates throughout with adequate backing given to the song by the robust drumming. It’s tastefully done but doesn’t sound like your typical folk metal band. Clearly the Australian flavour is different and offers a lot more by way of variations than say a Scandinavian band. The black metal influence is somewhat subdued over here and the music is more punchy and aggressive. It’s a refreshing change and the vocals too range from low growls/snarls to blackened rasps. I love the way it builds up towards the end, showcasing a tinge of modern metal influence and perhaps that’s the way the genre should go forward – it can’t wallow in the Aboriginal past forever and it’s a great example of how to infuse different elements and yet not alienate the folk metal sound. I’d liken the sound to a mix of Einherjer, Thyrfing, Rotting Christ and lastly the unheralded Australian black metal band Samain. The song is streaming exclusively over here –


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