Temple Koludra (Germany)

Transcending Obscurity signs occult German black metal band Temple Koludra in a multiple album deal. It’s a significant signing that strengthens our black metal repertoire. This year has already seen signings of bands such as P.H.O.B.O.S., Dødsferd and Lifelost for the genre, and this will be another feather in the cap of the label. Along with the current releases of ArkhethNigredoGaerea and Sathanas, and the aforementioned signings, this is going to be the strongest year for the label where this genre is concerned. You can stream an exclusive new song from the upcoming full length below.

Label owner Kunal Choksi says, “It’s with immense pleasure that we welcome another German band after Eremit and partly Heads For The Dead to our label. It’s all possible because of V. of Jupiterian who told me about the band, and one thing led to another and culminated in this fantastic signing. It’s a coincidence that the band is into Indian spirituality and it can only be for the better. One can expect great things from the band’s upcoming full length titled ‘Seven! Sirens! To the Lost Archetype’.

Temple Koludra members state, “With Transcending Obscurity, we found the right label to release our upcoming work, after a long period of absence. Kunal understands and appreciates the spirit of our concept, so we are glad to be able to join forces with him.

‘Seven! Sirens! To A Lost Archetype’ combines chaotic black metal, with ritual instruments (kangling, rag dung etc.) from different traditions of the Himalayan region and underlines the endeavor to create a culture-overcoming symbiosis. But despite all tendency to reach for the east, these are just translation fragments of the underlying devotion, a devotion that is not geographically located but within the shining heart of darkness.”

Tracklisting for ‘Seven! Sirens! To the Lost Archetype’ –
1 Trimūrti
2 Vajra
3 Grey Apparition
4 Nāmarūpa
5 This Diadem will Last
6 Vertigo
7 White I Trance

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Live Burial (UK)

We’re happy to have another solid old school death metal band on our roster that includes ones like Master, Paganizer, Crawl, Heads For The DeadUrsinne, Down Among The Dead Men, Feral, Nattravnen, etc. Live Burial play primitive old school death metal with the heart in the right place and with a sound that’s perfectly tempered. Watch out for the new full length in 2019.

Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m chuffed to get a chance to work with Live Burial. I loved their past material and the new stuff sounds great as well. I think they will be a very good fit on the label, what with our old school death metal roster and being in the company of other veteran UK death metal bands such as De Profundis, Warlord U.K., and Warcrab. It has been great working with the band so far and one can only expect big things in the future.”

Live Burial members comment, “When the opportunity rose to work with Transcending Obscurity, we just couldn’t resist! They’ve been instrumental in pushing the presence of underground death metal in terms of quality releases, and we can’t wait to be a part of that! We look forward to working with them to bring out our yet to be titled sophomore record. This culminates 18 months of writing and planning, featuring 41 minutes of pure old school inspired death metal.”

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De Profundis (UK)

UK band DE PROFUNDIS are on the verge of releasing their fifth full length album and have signed to our label for that. The band have decided to play a more direct and hard-hitting form of death metal that doesn’t betray their sound but makes it more effective. They have revamped their aesthetics and have adopted a new logo to suit their improved direction. The album is slated for a May release and pre-orders are up now!

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De Profundis Facebook

Feral (Sweden)

Swedish death metal force Feral have signed a multiple album and format deal with Indian label Transcending Obscurity Records. Their style of music is uncompromising and pure, and in their own way they take ahead the classic death metal sound, finding gnarlier and more twisted expression within the HM-2-driven sound. With four releases already under their belt since 2007, they’re gearing up to unleash their new full length on the new label.

Bednja (Croatia)

To further strengthen our black metal roster, we’ve signed an exceptional band from Croatia called Bednja. They will be playing hard-hitting black metal mixed with hardcore and atmospheric elements. We can’t wait to put it out but the album will most likely see a release very early next year. Here’s the album artwork of the full length ‘Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas’ –

Transcending Obscurity Records owner Kunal Choksi says, “We’re proud to sign our first band from Croatia. The deal however had been finalized well before the world cup so it has nothing to do with this. The reason such a fresh band is on the label is because their music is an exceptional blend of black metal with elements of hardcore and progressive black metal. It’s a rare treat to come across such a band and it was hard to resist despite our extremely busy schedule. Watch out for their release which will be on multiple formats and box sets.”

Bednja adds, “After years spent on the underground scene, we were very enthusiastic about this new band we started and the music we began to make! Getting in touch with Kunal turned out to be the best thing, and we’re very happy to sign a deal with Transcending Obscurity! As the world around us (and especially here in Croatia) keeps spiralling downward, we hope to get our message across to as many people possible – and what better way than through a label with such a big and diverse roster!”

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Eternal Storm (Spain)

Spanish death metal band Eternal Storm will be releasing their upcoming album titled ‘Come The Tide’ on Transcending Obscurity Records. It’s a superbly tempered album that takes in elements of progressive, melodic as well as aggressive death metal to create their own brand of death metal that is at once refreshing and unpredictable without losing continuity. They’ll be good label mates with our existing death metal bands such as De Profundis, Heads For The Dead, Eye of Purgatory and others.

Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m very happy to come across a fresh and resounding album in the style after ages. It happens to be the new full length of the ambitious Spanish band Eternal Storm who seem to have a great future ahead of them. Their death metal music is expansive, even atmospheric and progressive, which lingers in your mind long after it’s over. We’re proud to welcome them to our fold.”

Eternal Storm guitarist Daniel Maganto comments, “After all these years working on our debut full-length, we are excited to announce that it will finally be released via the Indian label Transcending Obscurity Records. We feel honored to be collaborating with a passionate and committed individual like Kunal, and to be sharing home with bands we admire and respect like Master, Officium Triste, Paganizer, De Profundis and many others. This is also our first recording with Mateo on drums and we can’t wait to show you the evolution the band has undergone since ‘From the Ashes’. More news soon!”

Line up –
Kheryon – Bass, lead vocals
Jamie Torres – Guitars, backup vocals (clean/growls), keyboard
Mateo Novati – Drums, backup vocals (growls)
Daniel Maganto – Guitars, backup vocals (growls), keyboard

Tracklisting – 
1. The Strand (Through The Wall Of Light Pt. I)
2. Immersion (Through The Wall Of Light Pt. II)
3. Detachment
4. The Mountain
5. Of Winter And Treason
6. Drifters
7. The Scarlet Lake
8. Embracing Waves

Eternal Storm Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Bandcamp

Medium (Argentina)

While we’ve been on the lookout for worthy grind/crust acts, they’re few and far between, at least the ones that appeal to us. Marginal put out a brilliant album late last year, followed by the devastating HM-2 crust release by Henry Kane, and it’s obviously with great pleasure that we announce the addition of another grind/crust band to our roster this year. The fact that they’re from Argentina only makes things interesting. Their work ethics and professionalism are better than most bands in established countries for this kind of music.

Transcending Obscurity Records owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m extremely happy to get a chance to work with another killer crust/grind band after Henry Kane and Marginal. In fact, it was the latter band’s member Johan Antonissen who tipped me off about this band, even though they had already approached me. I simply adore their passion and zeal for this kind of music. I wasn’t expecting such a band from Argentina but I’m only glad to have this opportunity. Medium‘s album will be out on multiple formats when the time is right. For now enjoy this clip taken from their official video.”

Medium add, “We are utterly proud and excited for being signed by Transcending Obscurity Records. Their support and our commitment join forces to make our debut album and further releases available in all corners known (and unknown)”

Lifelost (Spain)

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome another black metal band to the roster that not only upholds the quality but pushes it forward in terms of sonic expression and aesthetic appeal. Lifelost is a new band from Phlegeton of Wormed and one can expect the release of their debut EP titled ‘Dialogues From Beyond’ shortly. You can listen to a teaser here –

Line up –
Phlegeton – All instruments, lyrics and voices (Wormed, Human Mincer)

Track list – 
1. Malign Emanatio
2. Sepulchral Vault
3. Released From Life
4. Metanoia
5. Incorporeal Gate

Lifelost Facebook

Sadistik Forest (Finland)

In an attempt to strengthen our death metal roster, we’re thrilled to come across and sign the Finnish death metal band Sadistik Forest who play hard-hitting, relevant death metal while mixing things up. Their new album ‘Morbid Majesties’ will be up for pre-orders in March. You can listen to one of the songs on the label sampler here –

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=993250696 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=0f91ff tracklist=false artwork=small track=3460235251]

Sadistik Forest Facebook


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