Come Back From The Dead (Spain)

Members of Nashgul and Bokluk unite to concoct some of the vilest, nastiest old school death metal dripping with filth. With a full length already under their belt, Come Back From The Dead release a terrific no-filler EP that will leave you begging for more. Rooted in the ancient Finnish death metal sound, they recapture the original fetid essence and throw in their Spanish darkness for good measure. ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ is a seething, squirming death metal beast with enough recall power to make you never forget this episode.

Mastered by Henrik Jonsson (Bloodbath, Grave, Unleashed)

Cover artwork by Cesar Valladares (Asphyx, Krisiun)

Line up –
Marcos – Drums (ex-Machetazo)
Héctor – Guitars (Nashgul)
Iago – Bass (Bokluk)
Miguel – Guitars
Paul – Throat

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