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INTERVIEW: Thy Worshiper

Thy Worshiper was founded back in 1993 by Marcin Gasiorowski in Wroclaw, Poland.   The group later expanded into a 6-piece band and relocated to Ireland.  With an eclectic mixture of folk metal instrumentation, other regional influences, mixed vocals, and black and death influences; the band delivers a gorgeous range of atmospheric metal music.  The new album, ‘Klechdy’ (“Tales”), is a complex and at times unnerving experience utilizing pagan and tribal elements to portray the concept locked within.  We took some time to pick Marcin’s brain about ‘Klechdy,’ influences, instrumentation, and their thoughts on metal music in general.


Transcending Obscurity (FlightOfIcarus): Just to get things started, tell us a bit about yourself.  What’s something people might not know or expect about you?

Thy Worshiper: Depends who. Most of my friends know that I am the best 😉

TO: Listening to this album, I felt immediately immersed in imagery of an Irish landscape.  How, if at all, do you feel your current setting a influences your music?

TW: Definitely. I think landscapes and nature always has a great impact on our music. The places where you could be alone and listen to the breath of the Earth. And most of us love to travel, especially that to mountains we have about 30 minutes by car. Actually it’s funny because a few Polish journalists said that Polish landscapes influenced our music. Maybe there is a special link between those 2 countries?

TO: Has the writing style changed since you moved from Poland?   Who influenced you to start a metal project when you were there?

TW: When I started with the band I was really young. At that moment Bathory was our biggest inspiration. I think our writing style changed in the last few years. Fortunately most of the band’s members want to cooperate while creating music. Before it was me and the guitarist who prepared most of the music.

TO: Given the beauty of the instrumentation, I was surprised to see that there are some pretty harsh and even disturbing lyrics.  Of course this duality is not new to metal, but how do you personally account for it?   What purpose do these lyrics serve for you?

TW: Probably you are saying about Marzanna. That song is about spring solstice. It is old Polish ritual that women from the villages are cursing effigy of woman who symbolize all sadness and evil from previous year. Then killing her in a cruel way. That’s the purpose of the harsh lyrics.


TO: Much of the clean singing on this album has a very Middle Eastern influence, unless I am ignorant and mistaken.  Obviously both Ireland and Poland are a far cry from the region.  How did it come to be a part of your music?

TW: Actually we used few Christian anthems which are sung on funeral. On our previous albums we started that idea. On the last album we just did that better.

TO: You also incorporate several traditional instruments into this album.  Do these parts show up in writing from the beginning, or are they added after orchestrating the guitars and drums?

TW: Most of traditional instruments we use during our rehearsals so we’ve been really well prepared for recordings. Just a few were added in studio. Our second drummer has plenty of strange instruments and we are not afraid to use them even on gigs.

TO: Returning to the lyrics, this is a concept album.  What is the focus of the story and what inspired you to tell it?

TW: ‘Klechdy’ has 12 songs as there are 12 months in the year. Each one relates to a special time of the year like solstices, etc. But it’s just a starting point to reflection about… What? It’s hard to say sometimes. Anyways, lyrics are available on the internet 😉


TO: Which song is your favorite?

TW: Do you have siblings? If yes, does your mother tell to any of you that she love you more than the others? I can’t pick out only one song. I can say that ‘Klechdy’ is our best album.

TO: You’ve been writing music for over two decades.  What keeps you coming up with fresh ideas?

TW: Enthusiasm. I think for us writing the music is like telling the stories. And there are a lot of the tales that we want to tell….

TO: How has Arachnophobia Records supported this ongoing creativity?

TW: We have strong support from Krzysztof.

TO: How do you feel the world of heavy metal has changed since you started Thy Worshiper?

TW: In the 80’s and 90’s, metal music was pure passion. All metalheads felt that they were the chosen one. And so it was with the music. I think that nowadays most of metal music is just average. Bands are writing music like CTRL COPY then CONTROL PASTE. Most of them sounds dull. Of course there are exceptions.

TO: My favorite question: what underground metal band can you recommend to our readers that deserves more attention?

TW: I think I won’t be original. My favourites are Oranssi Pazuzu, Deathspell Omega, Blut aus Nord and some really good polish bands: Furia, Mord’A’Stigmata, Blaze of Perdition, and Non Opus Dei.

‘Klechdy’ is out now via Arachnophobia Records.  For more on Thy Worshiper, you can find our own review HERE and purchase information HERE or via the bandcamp stream below.


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