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INTERVIEW + DEMO PREMIERE: Spanish Black/Death Metal Band Supremative

Supremative- Servitude of the Impurity

Spain has produced some of the filthiest and unrelenting black/death metal in recent memory, with bands like Teitanblood and Proclamation destroying everything in their path.  You can now add Supremative to that list, and while this particular band is fairly newer in comparison to those acts they’re already just as destructive and bleak.  Their debut demo ‘Servitude of the Impurity’ came out on cassette and CD back in 2013, but both were in limited pressings and have become fairly hard to find.  So Blood Harvest Records is giving it the vinyl treatment, with a 7” release of 250 copies due out on July 29th.  Today we’re excited to give you a full stream of the demo to check out and see how immense Supremative’s black/death metal sounds this early into their career.

‘Servitude of the Impurity’ was written and recorded when the band was a duo, though these days it’s down to founding member Instigator of the Seven Demons and Inexorable Necromancer (who also is behind Necroven).  Following a short intro that has soft chanting, Supremative launches into their bottom heavy attack with a massive wall of sound and doesn’t let up until the demo has come to an end.  There are obvious nods to Archgoat and Beherit in these songs, with an emphasis on warlike instrumentation that pounds away at the listener with precision and tonality that makes it feel like it’s going to leave you caked in black sewage.  It’s absolutely immense, and even though this is the band’s first demo the sound quality is far better than one might expect.  While the guitar, bass, and drums unleash their onslaught the vocal work towers over them with an extremely distorted low pitched scream/growl that sounds like it’s directly coming from the depth of Hell.  Every single word is drenched in filth and reverb, and the vocals often threaten to drown the listener.

It’s rare to find a black/death metal band that already sounds this fully formed on their first demo, as so many of them are loosely played jumbles of noise that come off as amateurish.  But Supremative is the real deal, and if you like what you hear you’re going to want to grab this new vinyl pressing of ‘Servitude of the Impurity’ and crank that sucker up until your neighbors can feel the hellish attack.  Look to see a lot more of this group in the near future, as a split should be out later in the year and a full length is in the works for a targeted 2017 date.

To find out more about Supremative and the demo I had the chance to send over some questions to Seven Demons and Inexorable Necromancer.

Transcending Obscurity (Chris Dahlberg): Thanks for answering these questions.  ‘Servitude of the Impurity’ will see re-release on Blood Harvest soon.  Did Blood Harvest suggest the re-release, or was it something you coordinated after working with them on the last Necroven EP?

Supremative: Salute. Blood Harvest suggested the reissue of ‘Servitude Of The Impurity’ as a previous release before our upcoming split 7″ with AIMA from Greece. I think we never spoke too much about that but I think that reissuing our demo is a good way to promote the band before the split.

TO: ‘Servitude of the Impurity’ has already been released on cassette and CD, with the Blood Harvest release serving as its first vinyl pressing.  Do you have a preferred release format?  Is vinyl planned for future Supremative releases?

Supremative: Vinyl is CULT and the following SUPREMATIVE records should be release on vinyl, other formats are secondary.

TO: The demo was recorded at Blastwave Studio, which is the same studio you used for the last Necroven EP.  What has made this studio the right choice to record your bands at?  Will you also be using Blastwave for the full length?

Supremative: This is a record space that I used to rent and recording but now we have our own space and equipment necessary to recording the full length by ourselves.

TO: The cover art for ‘Servitude of the Impurity’ bears resemblance to the type of artwork Proclamation used for their material.  Can you tell us more about the artwork?

Supremative: We never tried to copy Proclamation’s cover artwork, it’s just a tribute to those Cult acts, there are some cocksuckers that doesn’t get it right, fuck ’em all, we’re not here to satisfy nobody.

TO: I can hear a lot of Blasphemy, Beherit, and Archgoat(among others) in your material.  Are there any particular albums from these bands that stand out as having been a major influence?

Supremative: All those bands are a clear influence for us, Beherit’s demos and first EP, all Blasphemy material and ‘Whore Of Bethlehem’ from Archgoat for example.


TO: You mentioned in an interview last September that a new demo and split with Aiμα were in the works.  Are there any new details available on these yet?

Supremative: We have to re-schedule our planning, the split Aiμα is done and will be released by Blood Harvest sometime this year, after that, we’ll start to working on our first full length instead of releasing another demo.

TO: Supremative was originally a duo but now just you, though you’ve mentioned you’re looking for another member for live performances.  What has your experience been playing live so far?

Supremative: I found a new member and we started a couple of weeks ago, we’re looking for a bass player right now. We hope to be desecrating the stage anytime soon. About my personal experience I can say that I’ve been active playing with some bands/ projects since sixteen years ago, recording, doing some tours and playing local shows too.

TO: Supremative and Necroven are your two bands, devoted towards different metal genres.  How much time are you able to devote to each one?

Supremative: I’m devoted to some kind of old death/ black metal and both of them mean the same to me, there are not differences on my mind.

TO: Spain has been home to some of the most bestial black/death metal bands over the years, including groups like Teitanblood and Proclamation.  Why do you think this is?  Is there a direct relation to stranglehold Catholicism has on Spain?

Supremative: That’s something that I don’t really know but it’s true that there is an archaic and pathetic Catholic culture of fanaticism in Spain and we all grew up surrounded by this bullshit, probably that’s the reason that we preach in the name of the impurity nowadays.

TO: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Supremative: …Y abrió su boca en blasfemias contra Dios, para blasfemar su nombre, y su tabernáculo, y á los que moran en el cielo. Y le fué dado hacer guerra contra los santos, y vencerlos.

Supremative | Blood Harvest Records


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