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Interview with black/death metal band TRENCH WARFARE

Trench Warfare are a potent black/death metal band from US. They’ve released one highly acclaimed demo in ‘Perversion Warfare’ and it retains the classic black/death essence of this style. It’s violent, uncompromising in its vision and holds much promise for the future. Here’s a brief interview with the members to find out more information about their band.

TO: When did you decide to form a band and delve into the black/death metal spectrum of extreme music?

Tony: The seeds for Trench Warfare were planted nearly 15 years ago after discovering the Conqueror and Black Witchery split ‘Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance’. Being unable to find suitable musicians for my vision, I spent many years writing riffs here and there.

Jay H. Gorania: I have been in some bands over the years, but there is no question that Trench Warfare is the most serious one. Trench Warfare was born from Tony’s previous one-man band. It took some time for us to properly come together in the midst of dealing with the various responsibilities of daily living, and for the fact that 99 percent of the people supposedly into heavy music where we live are into bands and styles that are complete shit, but we hit the ground running. It’s an incredible avenue for expressing myself. It’s a place where I can channel my negative energy.

TO: What drew you to call your band Trench Warfare? 

Tony: Trench Warfare I believe was the best name to describe the sound we are after. It’s a violent blitz of noise!

TO: Your demo entitled ‘Perversion Warfare’ is sick! I haven’t heard of too many demos with this kind of simplistic charm and aggression. It reminds me of the time that bands first started out to play this style of music. What was your intention when it came to recording a demo? 

Tony: Thanks, brother! Anytime I write, I write outside of myself as if I’m listening to a band and picking which parts of the song I like and other parts of the song I think they could have done without. First and foremost, I’m a huge metal fan and simply just love to play the shit I love to listen to.

Jay H. Gorania: No-nonsense aggression was certainly something we wanted to convey. Tony and I are both pretty angry and intense people in certain ways, and I think the aggression within us simply has to come out. That is inevitable. I believe the demo and our follow-up work adequately and powerfully captures that intensity and aggression, but of course others will ultimately have their say, too. “Perversion Warfare” certainly has an element of simplicity not far removed from the spirit of the demo material from Florida’s Amon as well as Amputation, the precursor death metal band that led to Immortal. The raw, primal ferocity of “Perversion Warfare” is something that’s bled into our subsequent splits, and it’s a core element of our sound that we will never abandon.

TO: What are your plans after this? Is there a full-length in the works? Live shows?

Tony: We have a split album coming out which should hopefully be released by the time this interview goes to press. We are also in the final stages of recording another split with Goatdusias and Bestial Karnage entitled ‘Paths to Victorious Perversion’.

As for playing live, we won’t rule that out, but we have been plagued with lineup issues as in not being able to complete the lineup. Lee Fisher lent us his drumming talents for our latest work; however due to his busy schedule he would only be able to record. Again, we won’t rule out the possibility of playing live, but it’s not a major priority for the time being.

Jay H. Gorania: Like Tony mentioned, we are a part of a compilation that is coming out, and we are thrilled about the following split that we are wrapping up at the moment. Lee Fisher’s talents are simply undeniable. He has played with Commit Suicide, Psyopus and Overlord Exterminator. His contribution has been invaluable. We’ve definitely taken things to the next level.

I’m almost certain that we will become a live band. That evolution will begin when the time is right. For now, we’re energized about continuing to move forward with our writing and recording.

TO: You’ve been a writer, a metal critic, to be specific, for some time now. How has that helped your contribution to the band? What is it like to be on the stage, so to speak, for a change? 

Jay H. Gorania: I’ve been in some other bands over the years, so I wouldn’t say it’s a new thing for me. But, as I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been in a band as focused and serious as Trench Warfare. I suppose my background as a journalist has helped me as a lyricist. And I’ve spent a lot of time with bands over the years. I suppose my background has helped me understand what kind of commitment and hard work is involved with being in a band. And witnessing things first hand, I certainly don’t have any lofty, unrealistic expectations. Tony and I are adults with jobs and responsibilities. We don’t do this to be rock stars. We create music because we love to do so, and we need to express ourselves with violent music.


TO: Are you going to continue in the same musical direction or can we expect some progressive flourishes a la Bolzer or, say, Tribulation? Which bands do you look up to at the moment?


Tony: Great question. I believe in order for metal to continue to grow, bands must continually evolve. I’m a thrasher at heart and love fast and heavy shit, so that element will most likely stay. I want to continue to push the boundaries to further extremes and not stagnate. You can only play so fast and tune down so low, so this isn’t a play faster than Revenge or play heavier than Vomitchapel exercise. We want to put our own stamp on death and black metal.

Jay H. Gorania: I think we definitely and proudly pay homage to pioneering bands like Blasphemy and Beherit, but no one can accuse us of being a carbon copy of those bands. We want to take that template and branch out. We want to push the envelope of extremity. We are and always will be fast, yet some of our new work includes elements of slower death metal and doom. I can’t entirely let the cat out of the bag about current and future writing plans; however I can say that it’s more extreme and more varied than the demo while retaining the raw, primal rage. As far as specific bands that inspire us at the moment, I know that Tony and I both love bands like Wargrinder and Ritual Genocide, to name just a few. Influence is also pulled from life, experience, literature and many things, of course.


TO: Are you looking forward to getting signed to a label? Are there any formats that you prefer for your band’s release? Apparently vinyl and tape are in vogue.

Tony: Getting signed will be the icing on the cake, but we aren’t “aggressively” searching for labels. If we get signed, we get signed. If not, life goes on and we will continue to make music regardless. We don’t have a preference of format. We would like to make our tunes accessible in all formats if possible. Finances dictate that, of course.

Trench Warfare Bandcamp | Trench Warfare Facebook


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