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Hardcore Highlights 2013 – Part 2

This was a real slow-burner for me. On first listen I was unsold. I thought that it was good, but I couldn’t see myself really listening to it that much again. It turns out I was wrong. ALBUM NAME got under my skin, and I found myself returning to it, slowly at first, over time. Now I fully recognise it for what it is; screamy, angry and very satisfying music that nonetheless took me time to fully get into. I’m not really sure why. I suspect it has something to do with the rather weak, (in my opinion), album cover. Am I really that easily put off? It seems so. Regardless, the music won out in the end, as it should. Embrace Honduran.
Born from the ashes of the mighty Alpinist, Jungbluth continue to wage war on bad music with their cutting yet emotive songs. With plenty of energy and vigour, these tracks show that you can effectively combine emotion and aggression in equal measure.
Morality Crisis – Boats
Ahhh, but this is a very, very good one. Heavy and diverse, there’s a lot of good stuff on Boats. Catchy and inventive, these are songs that stick in the mind like a thorn. Morality Crisis play by rules that they create and destroy as they see fit, and based on the strength of the songs here, who can blame them?
Secret Cutter



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