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Special feature: Grindcore highlights of 2015

This article serves to highlight the gems, mostly from the grindcore underground, from all over the world. Not a lot of them get released as full length albums but here are the notable ones, and the most potent of them all. This list bypasses all the commercial hype or whatever undue buzz and goes straight for the jugular – the music. It doesn’t really matter which label they’re on, which bands have famous members, or which format the music is released on; this is about good ‘ol grindcore that hits you like it should. Bandage your head in advance and read on.

Grunt (UK) – ‘Codex Bizarre’ 


Grunt have released the best goregrind album of 2015. ‘Codex Bizarre’ is an interesting slab of well-written and executed death/grind music that takes the sub-genre ahead, adding keyboards and futuristic electronic bits, lending to it a surreal, intriguing aura. The air, too, smacks of Libido Airbag-esque pornogrind overtones but it’s kept in check here, as the music eschews intros and instead pummels its way through 15 potent and suitably varying songs. There’s unpredictability in this, especially due to the intervention of atmospheric interludes, and given the overall vibe of this band, it fits like a glove. The band members are seen wearing bondage gear and that only adds more convincing appeal to the bawdy, kinky, enticing nature of this death/grind beast. This is futuristic-sounding goregrind reminiscent of Ahumado Granujo and the Czech ilk, but it’s keeping the proceedings slick, contemporary, atmospheric, and oozing with fresh appeal and replay value. It even features a guest appearance from Sigh‘s keyboardist, Mirai Kawashima. That doesn’t happen too often in this style. If you’re remotely into this nasty commingling of death/grind music, more commonly known as goregrind, you ought to check it out.

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Grunt Facebook | Grunt Bandcamp


Mindful of Pripyat (Italy) – ‘…And Deeper, I Drown, In Doom…’ 


This Italian grindcore band has delivered a debut that’s as astonishing as the first release by The Arson Project, or for that matter has potency comparable to last year’s excellent The Drip release. Sonically, these guys (and a girl) are similar to Rotten Sound circa ‘Exit’. The relentless nail-hammer brutality and pin-point precision will peel the skin off your body as if by instinct merely. It’s what needed in grindcore these days – less frills, but more head-snapping aggression and violent execution. Grindcore is starting to resemble the era of death metal in the mid-late ‘90s where bands are getting increasingly experimental, and while that’s welcome, the essence of the genre shouldn’t necessarily be diluted. For every ‘Need to Control’ there ought to be a ‘World Downfall’. This one is for the reassurance of the genre, despite the same-y sound and dynamics but have no doubts, this release is right up there with the best this year.

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Mindful of Pripyat Facebook | Mindful of Pripyat Bandcamp


Norylsk (Poland) – ‘Catholic Dictatorship’

This new entity on SelfMadeGod records from Poland is taking the style ahead. Normal Nasum-clones are cliché. You’ve got to be offering more. Solid grindcore has been done before, by way too many. So Norylsk, on its sophomore full length album, offer your Brutal TruthTerrorizer grindcore but with the forward-thinking slick brutality of say a Squash Bowels. With your old school riffing, you have the inhuman squeals, while the music does all in its might to topple your world over. There’s the undeniable Polish flair in the drumming and the overall panache with which things are performed – an air of confidence and I daresay, epicness in the proceedings. It vaguely reminds me of Damnable, an interesting, forward-thinking tech-oriented death metal band from Poland that never got its due, but this is a different beast. It’s vaguely merging mental boundaries between grindcore and death metal (mutated to the goregrind-y form) and deserves full commendation.  It’s unstoppably fast, confident and compact in its sound, which is crucial here. You don’t want a half-baked mix of grind, death or goregrind or all of it, but you want a strong, time-tested (Norylsk has been around since 2000 as Trocki and the band’s evolution has been as remarkable as that of Rotten Sound since the Finnish band’s early days) and contemporary sounding band that’s wreaking havoc on every perceptive level.

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Norylsk Facebook | Norylsk Bandcamp


Mindflair (Germany) – ‘Scourge of Mankind’

Time for something relatively different. By now you know sufficiently enough about the faster kind of grindcore (I hope), at least by way of this article. But here’s grindcore that’s slower or at least feels like. Perhaps that’s because it’s heavier, but really, it’s because it’s sludgier. It’s like early Napalm Death/Disrupt being infected by the same disease that has slowed down bands like Soilent Green or Goatwhore, and I mean that in a good way. There’s the same virulent fervor, rabid intensity and a sense of unpredictability but in a grind context. At times, the phenomenal Cephalic Carnage circa ‘Anomalies’ comes to mind. It all feels like getting compressed in tons of wet concrete along with bucketloads of nails to give you company. Maddening, deafening and ball-bustingly heavy. ‘Scourge of Mankind’ certainly gets the accolades for twisting the sound in order to make it heavier, groovier without dampening the grind enthusiasm.

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Mindflair Facebook | Mindflair Bandcamp


Captain Cleanoff (Australia) – ‘Rising Terror’

Australians sure know how to grind. This is visceral, skin-oxidizing, brain-melting grindcore with a renewed P.L.F.-esque thrash edge. Similar to The Kill, which has also released a stunner this year, this band keeps the enthusiasm at the max while delivering lethal doses of grinding violence. It’s stripped down, to-the-roots grindcore with the punkish/crusty tone intact, while the execution remains contemporary and vicious as it can get. Repeat listens don’t diminish the intensity thanks to its quality riffing and thrash-tinted crusty edge. The volatility and down-to-earth vibe remains special, as the band hones its art even more. I’d kill perhaps to watch this level of intensity live. It’s comparable to Wormrot in that regard, but this band has a different, making-it-look-easy flair. The added shrillness in the vocal department gives you that warm, acidic feeling in the stomach, as a plus.

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Captain Cleanoff Facebook | Captain Cleanoff Bandcamp


Nervous Impulse (Canada) – ‘Time To Destroy’


With blastbeats sounding as good as tits flapping against your face, it’s got to be a winner. Though veering more towards the death metal realm in comparison to the ones above, there’s no harm done as long as the speed and intensity remains as fast and powerful. Drumming-wise, the inhuman balls-to-your-face blast-bursts remind me of Flo Mournier’s drumming circa ‘Whisper Supremacy’ while the viciousness takes the Cryptopsy memory an album or two back. All good there. My dick gives it a standing ovation already. The tornado-esque ferocity brings to mind yet another fellow Canadian band, Deamon, and while that can only be a good thing, it’s coupled with the added volatile, furniture-smashing craziness peculiar to grindcore. It’s a marriage that’s not meant to make things last. Death metal and grindcore have rarely gone better together. The last such band to brave something of this sort was Inhumate, after the balding veterans Napalm Death. The colorful vocals, trespassing over the brutal death metal fence, are wonderfully coordinated with grind shrieks and punctuated superbly with the bulbous blasts. This one stands out for being ridiculously brutal and for not following the grind textbook. After Dahmer, Mesrine and perhaps Fistfuck, Nervous Impulse keeps my hope alive where Canadian grind is concerned, as a new Fuck the Facts album is awaited although the intensity has waned terribly of that one.

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Nervous Impulse Facebook | Nervous Impulse Bandcamp


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