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Flight’s Metalcore-ner Vol. 7

We don’t have to agree on everything.  Finding common ground has led to a lot of great things.  Let’s put our differences aside and explore some more underground metalcore, shall we?



This quintet is yet another metalcore act to come to us from Germany.  Seems to be a thriving scene growing over there.  With listed influences such as Iron Maiden, Slayer, Wintersun, Children of Bodom and At the Gates, it should come as no surprise that these chaps tread the line between metalcore and melodeath.  Their Gothenburgy harmonies recall both the classics and more recent American acts like Darkest Hour.  Speaking of which, these riffs are tight.  If there is one thing I love about their latest album, Ruins of Oblivion, it is the hooks.  The vocal performance isn’t without its merits either, mixing it up with hardcore barks, deathcore shrieks, and death metal growls.  Songs are fast and to the point.  My one complaint is that every time I listen to them it feels like some nameless quality is missing.  See what you think below and watch for the album reissue via Siptrick early next year.



Canadian progressive metalcore band Galactic Pegasus have been around since 2011, and just this month dropped their latest album, Phantom of the Hill.  Their influences include The Acacia Strain, Born of Osiris, Structures, Lamb of God, After the Burial, The Human Abstract, and Tesseract.  The resulting sound definitely leans heavily on deathcore chug and groove, but also implements plenty of progressive leads to keep tracks interesting.  Vocals also tend to be on the harsh and brutal side.  In fact, some of the punctuated, staccato deliveries reminded me more of Carach Angren than any metalcore group I can think of.  This approach is something that gives the group a unique touch that even holds up on otherwise more melodic tracks like “Homecoming.”  The counterbalancing of the shrieks with the catchy hooks is super effective.  Galactic Pegasus also throw in a dash of clean singing and electronics on occasion, but never in a superfluous manner.  The overall focus is definitely musicianship and heaviness over commercial viability.  Check them out on Facebook and listen below.



Okay, so these guys aren’t exactly underground, but given their recent DIY approaches to album releases and my general desire for them to succeed, I felt the need to feature them here.  For those unaware, Protest The Hero took a chance with my personal favorite music platform, Bandcamp, to do a single-a-month (plus some extras) release for their new EP, Pacific Myth, over the first half of this year.  Now, those still yearning for a physical copy (myself included) can get ahold of it on CD and vinyl as of 11/18.  As for the music itself, if you enjoyed Volition (AMAZING album, imo), Pacific Myth‘s style is much in the same vein.  I am not quite as impressed with the overall result as I was with the previous album, but “Tidal,” “Cold Water,” and especially the symphonic “Caravan” are all among the band’s finest.


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