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Flight’s Metalcore-ner Vol. 6

So maybe some of you have been waiting for this?  I know I’m late, but it’s simply because I have not been wowed by a lot of metalcore in October.  No, I’m not counting Dillinger Escape Plan either.  For one, mathcore is a whole different ball game, and for another DEP simply transcend all genre labels.  But I digress.  I was prepared to just skip the column and hope for the best come November, but then something finally dropped in my lap that seemed worth sharing.  As such, and in my mission to bring you only the best and brightest, I have but ONE recommendation for you this month.  Enjoy.



Ortensia is a 5 piece metalcore band formed in 2015. Their debut EP ‘V O L A T I L E’ just dropped this month and has been recommended to fans of Northlane, Architects, Monuments, Deftones, and God is an Astronaut.  The band hit that nice sweet spot between searing, djenty deathcore and spacy post-metal in a way that also reminds me a bit of Make Me A Donut or Kardashev.  Crunchy Born of Osiris riffs are offset by drifting, reverb-laden minimalist picking that does at times conjure memories of Deftones and Saturday Night Wrist.  There’s even a mild parallel that could be drawn to Fallujah, even if it is through 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon.  In any case, these guys make some killer tunes that feel catchy and artistic at the same time.  Check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook.  Stream Nostalgia below.  Full album drops December 1st.


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