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Flight’s Metalcore-ner Vol 3

It’s that time again: time to share the best and brightest that modern metal metalcore has to offer.  Four bands for you this time, each cut from the same cloth but with elements that give them a distinct flair.  Get ready to bang your head to the riffs and sing along to these lyrics.




Sometimes simply hitting that “discover” button on Bandcamp and sorting by genre can yield solid results.  The Healing from London, Ontario was my latest gift from taking this approach.  Their sound is laid upon a foundation of kinetic djent a la Born of Osiris, utilizing both the use of electronic skipping effect and deathcore vocals to further the schizophrenic qualities.  But these guys are a bit spacier than their peers, utilizing more clean vocals and post-rock into their brand.  The binary riffs are often layered together with reverb-soaked progressive leads that are quite angelic in comparison.  In any case, these guys write some catchy tunes.


UK band Napoleon is arguably the poppiest band on this list, with righteous, uplifting music in the vein of The Story So Far and A Day to Remember.  I caught a wiff of that tasty progressive riffing on Different Skin and knew that I needed more.  Sometimes I just need an album to rock out to, an album that makes me feel that same naïve hope I felt in my youth.  ‘Newborn Mind’ is that album.  Vocals favor pop-punk cleans with the occasional dip into a half-scream, but the real draw here are the guitars.  Riffs flow onto the fretboard like a ballet of the fingers: pure cathartic bliss a la the more melodic moments of After the Burial.  Want to start your day off on the right foot?  Listen to these guys.



New Jersey band Monument of a Memory have a sound beyond their years.  With a vocalist only 18 years old, they are channeling bands that have been around since I was much younger than that.  The band’s reported influences are varied, reaching from the heaviness of The Black Dahlia Murder to poppier acts like Miss May I.  Sticking to a mostly DIY philosophy, the band has recorded and mixed all of the music in guitarist Kevin Chapilliquen’s home studio.  Had ‘Catharsis’ received the full polish and shine of a big studio, I don’t think it would possess the same charm.  Sometimes As I Lay Dying with all cylinders blazing, others more melodic a la Parkway Drive (but way more talented, imo).  The new EP is a must this year.  I had to do a full review of this one.



Speaking of Parkway Drive, we are heading way south now to their neck of the woods.  Sydney, Australia’s Polaris are another band I discovered recently via Bandcamp.  They possess an energy and knack for writing song intros that is crucial to their impact.  Channeling Spencer from Underoath, each track opens with some of the most adrenaline-inducing screams I have heard in some time.  And fortunately, this skill is backed by overall strong songwriting that includes a great variance of styles and effects.  Those clean choruses…this is the perfect union of pop and core on par with A Day To Remember.  Very fun album I plan on spending more time with.  Pick it up for less than 5$ (5 AUD)


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