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Fierce black metal band DARK DESOLATION to release full length under Transcending Obscurity India


Since years Dark Desolation have been struggling but remained true to their undiluted fierce black metal sound. Despite lack of commercial support, they have been waging their own war so to speak. But the time has come for the band to rise and their new album – their first full length – will be released under the auspices of the Indian sub-label, Transcending Obscurity India.

Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi states, “Dark Desolation have been black metal warriors right since the start and it’s time for them to unleash their debut full length album. Having attended several of the band’s shows and checking out some of their new material, there is little doubt that they are one of the strongest and most prominent black metal bands in the country. With international collaborations and guest appearances, this is going to be landmark release in the style from this country. Their album is on the verge of being completed and will be put out through Transcending Obscurity India.”

Dark Desolation founder Shred AJ adds, “After a ton of fuck ups Dark Desolation returns stronger than ever before! The debut full length album is almost done and hands down, this will be the most extreme release to have ever emerged from an Indian metal band. The new collaboration with Transcending Obscurity looks exciting and we got some more bigger names from the extreme metal industry as guest appearances and this album will unleash wrath upon everyone of you like it or not! Hell is here….”


More info on the new album will be announced soon.

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