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EP PREMIERE: Hungarian Black/Death Metal Band Crushed Infamy

Crushed Infamy- I

I always like when new projects appear out of thin air with releases that have a clear vision.  In recent times there have been plenty of bands that have fit this description, with many keeping their locations or identities secret, allowing the material to speak for itself.  This is the case with Crushed Infamy, who has kept the details about their band to a minimum.  The only information comes from label Taphephobia Productions, who describes their debut 7” EP as follows:

Savage and psychotic War Noise from Pécs, Hungary. Traditional black death riffs layered with power electronics-like soundscapes. 6 minutes of abrasive audial violation.


That’s a hell of a description!  We’ve teamed up with Taphephobia to give you an exclusive premiere of the three song EP, letting you take in the aural attack that this mysterious Hungarian entity unleashes across that six and a half minute run-time.  And if you like your black or war metal as abrasive as possible, this is definitely a release you’re not going to want to miss!

Two of the three songs are original, with the second track offering a cover of Siege’s Drop Dead.  It’s somewhat unusual to see a black/death entity offering up a hardcore cover, but it makes sense when you think about it as the chaotic riffing and noisy as hell production values definitely do the song justice.  As far as the original pieces go, this is bottom heavy blasting material that goes for the throat and lets the electronics reach levels that feel like they’re going to tear your speakers and ear drums to pieces.  The abrasiveness and claustrophobic feeling of the recording are reminiscent of newer bands like Genocide Shrines and Tetragrammacide as well as some of the originators of the bestial black/death and war metal offshoots.  But the electronics add an even nastier, thick layer to the already dense attack and that makes Crushed Infamy the type of project that’s going to appeal to those seeking the filthiest, ear piercing metal out there.  It is worth noting that even with the piercing electronics and layers of noise, the details of the songs aren’t completely inaudible and you can make out the riffs pretty clearly if you pay attention.  The vocals are also as barbaric and psychotic sounding as possible, with the screams managing to break through the layers of the recording and grabbing you right by the throat.

It’s an intense six minutes, and showcases a project that already has a clear idea of where it wants to be.  I’m curious to see where a longer recording will take the bursts of electronics and chaotic riffing, but for now this is one to crank up and get blown away by.  The 7” EP is out now on Taphephobia Productions and is limited to 25 copies, so you’ll want to act fast.


Taphephobia Productions


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