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Transcending Obscurity has a worldwide physical and digital distribution network. Here are some of the partners working with the entity –

Aesthetic Death (UK)

American Line Productions (Mexico)

Amputated Vein (Japan)

Apocalyptic Records (Chile)

Armee de la Mort/Legion of Death (France)

Ars Magna Recordings (US)

At War With False Noise (UK)

Aural Offerings Records (France)

Australis Records (Chile)

Bizarre Leprous Productions (Czech Republic)

Blackseed Productions (Spain)

Blast Head Records (Canada)

Blood Harvest (Sweden)

Butchered Records (US)

Casus Belli Musica (Russia)

CDN Records (Canada)

Chaos Records (Mexico)

Comatose Music (US)

Crawling Chaos Productions (Australia)

Crucial Blast Records (US)

Daemon Worship Productions (US)

Dark Blasphemies Productions (Spain)

Dark Descent Records (US)

Darkzone Productions (Poland)

Deadbeat Shop (Malaysia)

Deadlight Entertainment (France)

Deathgasm Records (US)

Defense Records (Poland)

Disharmonic Records (Netherlands)

Don Carlos Prods (Italy)

Ear Wax Record Shop (US)

Eclectic Productions (Ukraine)

Eerie Torture Records (Russia)

Epidemie Records (Czech Republic)

Grindhead Records (Australia)

Headless Cross Records (France)

Heart & Crossbone (Israel)

Hecatombe Records (Spain)

Hells Headbangers (US)

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (US)

Hypnotic Dirge Records (Canada)

Immortal Frost Productions (Belgium)

Infernal Devastation (Australia)

Into the Pit (Australia)

Kolony Records (Italy)

Lavadome Productions (Czech Republic)

Le Crepusule du Soir Productions (France)

Memento Mori (Spain)

Moribund Cult (US)

Necromance Records (Spain)

Necroshine Records (Germany)

Negative Existence (US)

Nihilistic Holocaust (France)

Nordstrum Records (Germany)

Nuclear Winter Records (Greece)

Obliteration Records (Japan)

Old Cemetery Records (US)

Old Temple Records (Poland)

Pagan Flames (US)

Pagan Records (Poland)

Paragon Records (US)

Parat Productions (Czech Republic)

Pathologically Explicit Recordings (Spain)

Pathos Productions (US)

Punishment 18 Records (Italy)

Razorback Records (US)

Rigorism Productions (Russia)

Rotten Roll Rex (Germany)

Schwarzdorn Productions (Germany)

SelfMadeGod Records (Poland)

Sentinel Records (Ireland)

Sevared Records (US)

Slave Productions (Thailand)

Solitude Productions (Russia)

Sonic Blast Media (Singapore)

Subordinate Productions (Italy)

Sun Empire Productions (Mexico)

Todestrieb Records (Sweden)

Totalrust Records (Israel)

Unexploded Records (Sweden)

Unholy Prophecies (Germany)

Ván Records (Germany)

Violent Journey Records (Finland)

Weird Truth Productions (Japan)

Xtreem Music (Spain)