Deckard Cain’s Maladies of the Ear – Part IV

The last time this series had any inkling of a life was many moons ago. And yet this has been a long running one spread over 4 years. Never mind that. Let’s get to the music shall we? A Pregnant Light – Devotion Unlaced EP (Colloquial Sound Recordings) Damian Master is indeed a strange being. […]

Kreator – Gods of Violence Live Review

Kreator Tour Poster 2017

When this tour was announced last May, European metalheads were understandably filled with excitement – a lineup this strong was certain to be one of the best gigs on 2017. Aborted and Soilwork are already well into the touring cycle for their most recent – and utterly superb – albums, while this marks the first […]

ALBUM PREMIERE + REVIEW: This Ends Here / Conqueror Worm – 12″ Split LP

This Ends Here

German label Wooaaargh! have been consistently putting out fantastic releases, especially in the realms of hardcore, crust and grind. Now they’ve brought together two acts from the UK, for an explosive split 12″ release. Though This Ends Here and Conqueror Worm share very little common ground on paper (except for maybe the strong punk influences on both the bands’ sounds), […]

Iron Maiden – Book of Souls

Starting with their debut, Iron Maiden wrote heavy metal and hard rock songs. However, ‘Somewhere in Time’ lay the groundwork for the synth-pop-rock of ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.’ Through this commercial transition they enlarged their fan base as glam metal faded into grunge, and created a corporate brand. Iron Maiden use the ‘Seventh […]

ALBUM STREAM + REVIEW: Ill Neglect / Lambs ‡ – Trisma 7″ (Sludge Grind Split)

Ill Neglect / Lambs

If you’re looking to give 2017 a heavy, bombastic start, here is just the split to get the job done. Titled ‘Trisma’, this 7″ vinyl release brings together two sludge grind mammoths in Italian band Lambs ‡ and German entity Ill Neglect. A collaborative release by multiple DIY labels, this split is a bleak, dreary record that contains a monstrous tone overall. […]

Deckard Cain’s Maladies of the Ear – Part III

Yet another edition of Deckard Cain’s Maladies of the Ear and there’s a subtle change this time around with only 2-3 releases covered each time.  I’ve come to realize, rather painstakingly, the case of dwindling attention spans of everybody on the internet. Mostly so through my own change in patterns of consumption, especially music. Despite […]