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News Feature: Drowning Melancholy from Jaipur, India tells us about their new video

Drowning Melancholy are a goth/progressive metal band from Jaipur. I met singer Komal and drummer Alvin at the Battle of the bands at IIT Jodhpur in 2013 where they were performing with their sister band Fragile Silence. They put a good show and came 2nd. Since then Fragile Silence has been dormant due to few lineup changes. Komal and Alvin have been working on new material for Drowning Melancholy and have released a video for their track “Defenceless”.

I spoke to Komal about the video, being a metal band in Jaipur and also their plans for the coming year.

Fragile Silence

Transcending Obscurity (Peter): Jaipur is not a city known for metal bands. How did the band get together?

Komal: I think it was when Fragile Silence first went dormant that we came up with an idea for a studio project called Drowning Melancholy. So I can safely say that it was in 2011 when we began creating rough recorded tracks on our own. I fell in love with the way Alvin composed such elaborate tunes, and tried my best to do justice to them. Rohit (Guitarist) and Rohan (Drummer) were new to us, too. But we’re glad that we connected. Prateya plays with us in Fragile Silence, so we’re in a pretty comfortable zone already.

TO (Peter):What made you decide to start a “goth” metal band? What about the style appeals to you?

Komal: As a female vocalist, I always looked up to Amy Lee, Cristina Scabbia and then I discovered Sharon from Within Temptation, Tarja (Nightwish), and honestly, I was blown away. Alvin has experimented with a lot of sounds, and “goth” metal was something different. So it just clicked! Elaborate keyboards, spooky sounds, deep and dark lyrics. Gothic Metal creates a distinct atmosphere altogether.

TO (Peter): Tell us about your track Defenceless.

Komal: When Alvin composed it, he had in mind the story of the game “Alan Wake”. Now, I had never played the game, so I read the story, did my research and wrote down the lyrics. The best part about the lyrics of defenceless is that they are open to interpretation.

There comes a time in life when everything is broken, and there’s no way to fix it. You see no light at the end of the tunnel, and in that moment, you become defenceless.

TO (Peter): The production sounds good. How did you record the track?

Komal: Keshav Dhar! We absolutely admire him for his work. Also our five day trip to Delhi for recording “Defenceless” and “Philomela” was a breeze.

TO (Peter): You have released a video for the track. Tell us a bit about how you went about with the filming/production of the video?

Komal: We’d been pondering over the concept for a long time. We came up with some really good ideas for filming, but we had our budget constraints. Finally we came up with the idea of bring forth a common social issue.

When she is growing up, she has a lot of dreams, but slowly she learns that the world isn’t fair for a woman. She has to often surrender her desires to the society. She has no support and in that moment, she is defenceless.

“Stupid High Arts”, the production company, finally made it happen! They’ve been amazing. They taught us a lot because all of us sucked at facing the camera.

TO (Peter): What are your plans for 2016? New EP/Album?

Komal: Yes! An EP comes out in March 2016!

Abominatio – Legion announces name change

Santiago de Chile, Chile-based death metal combo Legion has announced Abominatio as its new name. Coinciding with the announcement the band has unveiled its new logo. Leading up to the name change Abominatio debuted two new songs Gula, Damned Hedonism and Superbia: I’m Fire, I’m Chaos as a precursor to proposed recordings under the new name.

In 2014 Abominatio released a two track demo/EP called ‘Made Of Evil… and Flesh’ under its old moniker Legion as a limited number physical release and in digital format. Completing the Abominatio line-up next to frontwoman Luisa Silva are guitarist Aaron Duchens, bass guitarist Alex Acosta, and drummer Raúl Valenzuela Silva.

Abominatio plays death metal exclusively heavily informed by the formative works of Incantation, Asphyx, and Sadistic Intent.

For all bookings/press – and general inquiries, please contact: abominatio.deathmetal (at)


SPECIAL NEWS: Systemhouse33 tour Europe and throw some light on it

Mumbai-based thrash/groove metal band SystemHouse33 have secured for themselves a massive multi-city tour across Europe with none other than genre greats Six Feet Under. Samron Jude, the frontman of the band, writes in to tell us about it, revealing information about the tour and the upcoming release titled ‘Regression’.



Transcending Obscurity (Kunal Choksi): Congrats on this massive tour! Touring with Six Feet Under would be a dream come true for many Indian bands. How do you feel about this?

SystemHouse33 (Samron Jude): Thanks Kunal! Yes, it is a dream come true for SystemHouse33. For an Indian metal band like us to get the opportunity to tour with death metal giants like Six Feet Under is something we are just thankful for, because touring with a well-known international metal band on their own tour is very rare and we are all super stoked.


TO: How have SystemHouse33 band members prepared for this massive tour? 

SystemHouse 33: We have worked really hard with our music – we’ve taken two years to record the new album ‘Regression’, faced a number of challenges on the way, but playing music is a gift which comes with responsibility. We have not let things get us down and we’ve used the past couple of months to understand every aspect of our music since we’ve been recording the album and then jamming to the tracks almost every day, as we’re taking our music to the international stage and also taking things to the next level.

TO: What can we expect from the band in the foreseeable future? Can we expect a change in sound?

SystemHouse 33: Our sound is more thrash and groove metal now and we plan to be true to this. We have experimented a lot in the past, but we’ve found our sounds and we’re sticking to it so expect heavier groove-thrash from SystemHouse33. Besides we hope to play more international gigs and get some videos out, besides our new merch.


TO: There have been some lineup changes. Is there a new strategy in place? 

SystemHouse 33: We’re back with our old line-up which was from 2009-2011 and this has been our best and tightest SystemHouse33 line-up – for that, one needs to come to our live shows and check us out. We are among the tightest metal acts in the scene and we take our music very seriously because we want people to experience the music and also remember it.

we’d be happy if our music inspires other people


TO: Please explain the usage of the title ‘Regression’ for your upcoming release. It’s rather apt, especially for our country, where on one hand there are technological developments and on the other, people are becoming more close-minded in their mindset. 

SystemHouse 33: Yes, you pointed that out well. We thought of ‘Regression’ as a concept as because it is the paradox of progress. It seems like we are doing a lot more, but the feeling isn’t good at the end. A lot of people take the wide path in life because its so appealing to their immediate needs that they don’t realize the harm it might be causing people as long as they get what they want. It’s a rat race and everyone is for their own selves and that’s what we intend to highlight in the tracks of our album ‘Regression’. People need to start giving more, I truly believe in that. We want people to realize the evil around and to stand up for themselves.


TO: Do you have any shows/releases lined up for the Indians, after this European tour? 

SystemHouse 33: We are looking to do a tour in India, but nothing has been finalized yet, besides looking at one-off shows promoting the new album ‘Regression’.

TO: The last words are yours. You can sign off by telling us what has kept the band alive, with humble beginnings in Nagpur, to where it is now, about a decade later. What keeps the band going?

SystemHouse 33: Music is one of the ways we can give back to the people out there. It’s as simple as inspire to get inspired. When you come from a small town like Nagpur, music really speaks to people like it did to us and then it saw us move to Mumbai. So we’d be happy if our music inspires other people as we have worked really hard with it and 12 years later, SystemHouse33 is still in the scene putting out their new album ‘Regression’ and on tour with Six Feet Under in Europe. Some people have supported an believed in us and we are grateful for everything, but in the end, you need to have the vision and work towards it and I believe that’s exactly what SystemHouse33 is all about. We want to take this album to as many places as we can.


SystemHouse33 Facebook | SystemHouse33 Official Site

INTERVIEW: Sceptre talk about their new video and future plans

Sceptre, one of the pioneers of thrash metal in the country of India, have just completed 17 years and to commemorate the same, they have released a new song and have professionally shot a video for it too. Of late, the band went through a drastic lineup change but have emerged strong. Going by the new track Hate Infested, Sceptre have proved that they have the chops that’s required to play hard-kicking thrash metal and remain relevant even after all these years. The song video can be streamed here –


PREMIERE: Tyrannizer – Blackened Thrash/Death Metal from Mumbai

Tyrannizer are a new group from Mumbai, aiming to climb the ladder and make a mark for themselves. It’s not too unlikely for that to happen, if you consider the unique blackened death/thrash sound that the band indulge in. It’s a welcome change from the standard template that most bands use in the region, whether modern or old school, to cement their sound. The process is tougher, but this will ensure that the band carve a niche sound, and more importantly, an identity of their own.

This quintet consists of Aashay Papnoi on vocals, Aniket Shenoy on drums, the guitarists Dennis Das and Rahul Mhapsekar, and lastly Siddhesh Sangvekar on bass duties. Bloodstain is the second original song (first one being This is War) released by Tyrannizer, in addition to a Sepultura‘s Troops of Doom cover, and it sounds more refined in sound, without losing the edge. The rawness has been diminished, and with good reason, as this sounds more professional and clear. It’s evident that the band’s sound is evolving, and with better consistency in the future, it’s not hard to imagine the band becoming a new sensation from the city, and could well impress the jaded critics internationally as well. For now, stream this exciting new track below.

Bloodstain will also be a part of the massive Transcending Obscurity compilation that will come out in December 2015.

Tyrannizer Facebook

Summoning – working on new album

Atmospheric black metal duo Summoning has been working on a proposed follow-up to 2013’s “Old Morning’s Dawn” for over a year now.


According to a recent interview with Darkview the upcoming, yet-unnamed record will be a stylistic continuation of “Old Morning’s Dawn”, including similar depressive atmospheres and the integration of material originally intended for said album. In the aforementioned interview Silenius suggested that the melody lines might harken back to the older material, specifically “Oath Bound” and “Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame”. More to come.

Zero Gravity – announce new vocalist

Indore-based death/groove metal combo Zero Gravity has announced Natasha Chowdhury as its new vocalist. Chowdhury follows in the footsteps of Kratika Bagora, who left the band on good terms in late August 2015 to pursue education – and career opportunities in New York.


The band had the following to say about the transition: “It’s with a heavy heart that we part ways with our vocalist who now is pursuing her career abroad.We are eternally grateful to Kratika for all her passion, hard work and talent and we wish her the best of luck for her future endeavors. We feel great pride in what has been achieved in the past,but also look forward to new battles and new victories. We welcome the new overlord of screams Natasha Chowdhury as our lead vocalist with open arms –and we hope you will have open ears! Let’s welcome her to the Zero Gravity family. She is one heck of monster on stage.”

“Holocaust Awaits”, Zero Gravity‘s debut album for Transcending Obscurity Distribution, was recorded at Mindmap Productions in Mumbai with Ashwin Shriven (Demonic Resurrection) handling the production. The digital artwork was rendered by Anirudh Singh for Nuclear Puke Designs. The album was released on November 2nd, 2014 in physical – and digital format through Transcending Obscurity. Zero Gravity recently launched ‘Warrior’, the first of its officially approved band shirts.

Pick up your shirt here as supplies are limited. For the latest show dates check out Zero Gravity‘s FaceBook profile.

Albatross Premiere New Official Video – Jugglehead the Clown

After wowing the Indian and international audiences with a stellar full length album, leaving no stone unturned, heavy metal band Albatross unveil a new video that was professionally shot and edited. We delve into the making of it and the ideas behind it. Drummer Jay Thacker, who adopted a special look for this track reveals, “My wife Sucharita came up with the idea of the ‘clown makeup’ which all of us liked right off the bat and had her on board as the artist, especially with her having some prior experience.”



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