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Comatose Music to work with Transcending Obscurity PR

One of the most reputed labels in the brutal death metal underground, Comatose Music from US, has decided to employ the services of Transcending Obscurity PR. Having worked with similar established labels in the line such as Lacerated Enemy Records, Amputated Vein Records, Rising Nemesis Records, etc. it’s an honour to work with what is regarded as among the best out there.

The first release is of Pathology no less, who’re regarded as one of the biggest death metal bands in their line. Here’s some info about their self-titled upcoming release via the US label –

Devastating brutal death metal unit PATHOLOGY have gone from strength to strength, incorporating variations and technical flourishes within the ultra-heavy framework of the sub-genre. Eight full length albums have cemented their position worldwide as one of the best bands of their ilk, and their new one on Comatose Music will only uphold their global status and take it higher. On their latest opus, we have 10 songs of cutting-edge chock-a-block brutality without any intros or beating around the bush; and yet each song has its own identity largely due to the compositional skills of the members. High speed execution is matched perfectly by the standard-setting guttural vocals of Matti Way who is in best form since the early DISGORGE days. All in all, this is a contemporary death metal beast that remains true to its art and will go down as one of the best albums in the style for years to come.

Line up:
Dave Astor – Drums, Vocals (ex-CATTLE DECAPITATION)
Tim Tiszczenko – Guitars (BEING KILLED)


Track list:
1. Lamentation
2. Dolorous
3. Litany
4. Servitors
5. Dissevered
6. Putrescent
7. Doth
8. Shudder
9. Opprobrium
10. Vermilion


Comatose Music Bandcamp | Comatose Music Official Site | Comatose Music Facebook

LIVE RECAP: Ulcerate w/ Zhrine, Phobocosm, and Burials at The Raven


Follow FlightOfIcarus into another live show, this time featuring the crown jewel of New Zealand metal.  Arguably one of the most technical metal bands out there takes the stage along with a few new favorites.  Hear about the venue and acts, check out pictures, and listen to streams.

Flight’s Metalcore-ner Vol. 6

FlightOfIcarus was unimpressed with what metalcore had to offer this October.  Or perhaps he was much too buried in amazing progressive death metal, mathcore, and blackened something-or-other to take notice.  Even so, he managed to rally at the zero hour thanks to one special band from Athens, Greece.  One recommendation to rule them all.

INTERVIEW and SONG PREMIERE: Vermin Womb’s Ethan McCarthy


Today we’re premiering a brand new song from the album alongside an interview with Ethan, conducted by FlightofIcarus.  The song, Slave Money, is one of the shorter on the album and comes in like a wrecking ball at 100 MPH.  It may only be a minute and a half but I guarantee you’ll want to hit that repeat button and take the ride all over again after that first listen.  Sound wise this is somewhere between grind and crushingly dense death metal, but Vermin Womb straddles the lines between metal genres in a way that makes them hard to pin down.  What stands out, particularly on this track, is how overwhelmingly dense the instrumentation is and how inhuman McCarthy’s guttural growls sound.  I thought that he was already one of the most intense, guttural vocalists out there but he’s somehow taken things a step further throughout ‘Decline’ and it shows.  If you’re angry at how things are in the world right now, this is exactly the type of music to blast at full volume and let everything out.  Enjoy this brief teaser of how frantic and destructively heavy the album is, along with the interview.

INTERVIEW: Progressive Metallers Oddland


Meet Finnish progressive metal band, Oddland. Their new album, 'Origin,' just came out early this September, and I am not afraid to say that it was one of my favorite surprises this year. I wasn't sure what to expect pressing play, and even when I thought I had a handle on it with the opening Meshuggah-esque grooves they threw me for a loop once more with powerful clean vocals. 'Origin' is a very different experience, combining many different styles and genres. Given the unique nature of this record, I was pleased to get a chance to pick the brains of those involved.

Hate Eternal announce European dates!

HATE ETERNAL have announced a European tour with VADER and supported by THREAT SIGNAL. The US death metal giants will kick off their rampage at the Druckerei in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany on November 4 and continue to devastate six more European countries until returning to Germany for a final onslaught at Alte Zuckerfabrik in Rostock on the 20th of November.

list of all currently confirmed dates can be viewed below:





04 Nov 16 Bad Oeynhausen (DE) Druckerei
05 Nov 16 Andernach (DE) Juz-Live-Club
06 Nov 16 Arlon (BE) L’entrepot
07 Nov 16 Jena (DE) F-Haus
08 Nov 16 Weinheim (DE) Cafe Central
09 Nov 16 Zürich (CH) Dynamo
10 Nov 16 Puget (FR) Le Rat’s
11 Nov 16 Brescia (IT) Circolo Colony
12 Nov 16 München (DE) Backstage
13 Nov 16 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg
14 Nov 16 London (UK) The Dome
15 Nov 16 Birmingham (UK) The Courtyard
16 Nov 16 Bremen (DE) Tivoli
17 Nov 16 Haarlem (NL) Patronaat
18 Nov 16 Berlin (DE) Nuke
19 Nov 16 Essen (DE) Turock
20 Nov 16 Rostock (DE) Alte Zuckerfabrik





HATE ETERNAL is the brainchild of extreme metal luminary Erik Rutan, who created a charging death metal juggernaut. In the United States this style has been virtually synonymous with Florida and especially the Tampa Bay Area for a long time. More aggressive and technically complex than its Swedish counterpart, Floridian death metal grew out of thrash during the mid-1980’s and was founded by such as the legendary DEATH, OBITUARY, and MORBID ANGEL. While many of its early protagonists went on experimental paths,HATE ETERNAL remains true to the original formula, while continuously pushing the boundaries of this extreme style.

Founded in St. Petersburg, Florida in the year 1997, the band faithfully keeps the death metal spirit alive as their long-awaited sixth studio album ‘Infernus’ now uncompromisingly demonstrates. HATE ETERNAL‘s first new full-lengthin four years doubles down on their patented, high-velocity assault of dizzying ferocity combined with wide-range dynamics, outstanding songwriting and skull-crushing brutality. HATE ETERNAL delivers extreme music at the highest level. There can be no doubt that ‘Infernus’ ranks among the very best death metal records of 2015!

01.  Locust Swarm
02.  The Stygian Deep
03.  Pathogenic Apathy
04.  La Tempestad
05.  Infernus
06.  The Chosen One
07.  Zealot, Crusader of War
08.  Order of the Arcane Scripture
09.  Chaos Theory
10.  O’ Majestic Being, Hear My Call

Erik Rutan: vocals, guitars
J.J. Hrubovcak: bass, backing vocals
Chason Westmoreland: drums (album recording)
Hannes Grossmann: drums (live, session)


Source: Season Of Mist

Flatspot Records To Release The Extermination Vol. 3; Compilation Holds Exclusive Tracks From Terror, Take Offense, Countdown, Disgrace, Manipulate, And More

This November, Flatspot Records will release the premier hardcore compilation of 2016 with The Extermination Vol. 3.
Flatspot Records takes pride in their scene by releasing the bi-annual The Extermination Compilationtitles, the series showcasing some of the new-blood in the hardcore/punk world, along with established bands that have been proudly carrying to the torch. Past editions have featured bands such as Turnstile, Angel Du$t, Power Trip, Backtrack, and King Nine, among many others. This series is a homage to classic hardcore compilations such as Where The Wild Things Are, The Way It Is, Free For All, and others, where listeners discovered influential bands that still have an impact on our scene today.
The third installment in this ongoing series bears another intense collection of new tracks from some of the leading acts of the current scene. The Extermination Compilation Vol. 3 features nine brand new tracks that are entirely exclusive to this compilation only. Represented on the collection are four bands from the West Coast US, including Terror, Take Offense, Piece By Piece, and Disgrace, East Coast US acts Friend Or Foe, Manipulate, Countdown, and D.C. Disorder, as well as a song from UK-based Higher Power.
Offer the owners of Flatspot Records on the upcoming comp, “The Extermination Vol.3 is coming soon and we couldn’t be any prouder of this one. It’s the perfect combination of established veterans and new blood all on one record. The goal was to bring the best that hardcore has to offer, while still giving you that throwback feeling and creating a modern classic that will stand the test of time. A lot of time and pride went into this project and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”
The Extermination Vol. 3 will see release through Flatspot Records on 12″ vinyl LP and digital platforms, as well as a limited cassette run on November 11th, 2016, with pressing info, preorders, audio samples, and more to be released in the coming weeks. See the full track listing below.
The Extermination Vol. 3 Track Listing:
1. Terror – Other Worlds
2. Countdown – Average Man
3. Disgrace – Hunt / Reprise
4. Manipulate – Shadow Walker
5. Piece By Piece – Hating You
6. Take Offense – Enter The Center
7. Higher Power – World Gone Mad
8. Friend Or Foe – Invincible
9. D.C. Disorder – Naive To A World
Source: Flatspot Records

INTERVIEW: Brutal death clan Vulvodynia


Everything about returning South African brutal death band Vulvodynia's new album seems painstakingly constructed to make one feel sick.  Their new album, Psychosadistic Design, represents for me one of the most repellent releases of the year in terms of both intense music and media content.  I also think that the band may have topped themselves despite many already excellent previous efforts with terrifyingly technical drumming, wretched riffs, and primitive vocals.  We took some time to get a brief rundown of their influences, reasons for their graphic imagery, and touring.

Flight’s Metalcore-ner Vol. 5

Sheesh, has it been 5 of these already?  Hope you’re ready for more.  How about that new Norma Jean album?  They’ve still got it.  And now we’ve got a new Every Time I Die record just on the horizon.  With all the excitement you look like you could use some new music in the meantime.  Time to get lean, mean, and not-quite-so-extreme.


Ottawa’s Chariots of the Gods are back with new album, ‘Ages Unsung’ thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaignYou want more classic-sounding metalcore?  Coming right up.  Chariots of the Gods nail that early All That Remains style.  You know, before everything went to sh*t after ‘The Fall Of Ideals’.  The guitars have the same focus on thrilling, harmonized hooks and the vocals a similar flair for dramatic cleans and fierce screams.  Exhibit A would definitely be the chorus on War of the Gods.  Throw in a little Killswitch Engage and a dash of As I Lay Dying and you’ve pretty much got the idea.  It’s not flawless, but even with all of the metalcore groups coming out of the woodwork through bandcamp  and small labels there are precious few that manage to pull of this exact feel.  I grew into my own listening to albums like ‘This Darkened Heart’ and ‘Alive or Just Breathing’, so I am always excited to come across any spiritual successors.  Looking forward to seeing these guys hone their craft.



Shokran was founded by primary songwriter Dmitry Demyanenko in Yeysk during the summer of 2013.  Initially a one-man-band, it grew into a full line-up after the release of the debut ‘Sixth Sense’ EP.  Their sound falls more in line with the new-school of metalcore: plenty of Djent in the guitars and poppy sentiment to the clean vocals.  Very little hardcore influence here.  This could have been a turnoff, but the level of skill in some of these noodly riffs and odd time signatures also conjures thoughts of Textures, Born of Osiris, and Within The Ruins.  In terms of heaviness, they are probably the closest to the former’s leanings towards prog metal; but when the deep growls and mathy breakdowns kick in on tracks like Living Arrows and Revival Of Darkness you’ll be banging your head for sure.  And Praise The Stench is just a straight “sumeriancore” banger.  Also, in case the album art, title, and track names didn’t tip you off this is a conceptual album about the plagues of Egypt.



Check out Cape Town, South Africa’s Zombies Ate My Girlfriend.  Though it’s been a year since their last album, they recently won the Wacken Metal Battle in Germany and are working on a follow-up.  I hesitated at adding them to this list, as their sound is heavy enough to start leaking into other genres (think The Black Dahliaa Murder, Lamb of God); but between their moniker, riffs, and the fact they have toured with the likes of August Burns Red, I think they can fit in just fine.  Crushing guitar hooks and vile screams on the cusp of death metal are the name of the game.  Appropriate Hate Crimes, The Spear, and Hail the Disaster are among my favorites.  And that album cover…that is either the most offensive or most progressive photography I have seen in some time.  Listen to 2015’s ‘Retrocide’ below.

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