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Transcending Obscurity Records signs SEEDNA – Swedish black metal band

Seedna-logo white

Transcending Obscurity Records is proud to have yet another extremely talented and innovative band to its roster. Playing atmospheric black metal with progressive/post-metal elements, Seedna are a breath of fresh air and remain unpredictable as well as mesmerizing.

Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi says, “I was blown away when I first received an email from Seedna, and got to check out their songs. The kind of black metal that Seedna specialize in is hard to come by, one that is sincere, emotive and also very atmospheric. It’s fortuitous to have found a band worthy to be on the main label and I can’t wait to release their upcoming full length this year titled ‘Forlorn’. It’s destined to be special.”

Seedna collectively add, “We are happy to announce that our third full length album will be released through Transcending Obscurity. This is our first album to be released through a record label. We are really looking forward to work with Kunal, both with the label and his promotion agency. Our new record is a concept album named ‘Forlorn’ and shows a strong development compared to the previous album. It is very dynamic; from heavy doom sounding parts via faster, rather chaotic melodies to more ambient and calm passages. We want to create music that takes us, and the listener, on a musical journey through different soundscapes. If you are looking for some new dark, heavy and atmospheric music you must give ‘Forlorn’ a spin in your player.”

Here’s the album artwork for the upcoming Seedna release titled ‘Forlorn’ –



‘Forlorn’ tracklist:
1. Hourglass
2. Wander
3. Passage
4. Frozen
5. Eternal
6. Abyss
7. O

Line up: 
Olle Olsson – Vocals and ritual instruments
Gabriel Raimondo – Guitar
Max Warnby – Guitar
Erik Svensson – Bass
Johan Björkman – Drums


Seedna provided a live version of one of their older tracks for the 65-band Transcending Obscurity label sampler. It can be streamed below –


Seedna Official Site | Seedna Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook

Darkrypt commit to a full length release on Transcending Obscurity Distribution

logo black - CopyTranscending Obscurity Distribution is glad to work with a budding and ambitious band in Darkrypt and will be releasing their debut full length album that’s in the old school death metal vein. From Thane (Mumbai region), the guys have been working very hard, honing their sound and doing all they can to leave an indelible mark with their very first release. The artwork for it is made by Turkka G. Rantanen (Demilich, Adramelech, Demigod, Zealotry, etc.), while the mixing and mastering will be done by Greg Chandler (Cruciamentum, Grave Miasma, Esoteric) and Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Demiurg, Pan.Thy.Monium) respectively.


Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi comments, “Darkrypt are one of the most promising death metal bands from the country – the guys not only know the foundation of genre, particularly in the Finnish/Swedish old school style, but they also manage to competently deliver it, and don’t lack ambition. If all falls in place, their release could set new standards for the rest of the bands in the region. Watch out for their debut album titled ‘Delirious Excursion’ in 2016.”

Darkrypt drummer Aumkar Lele adds, “‘Delirious Excursion’ is a concept album based on the life of a psychopath. The album will be dark and haunting and we are putting in a lot of effort in this release. Major power to Kunal Choksi for having faith in us and supporting us in every possible way. This wouldn’t have been possible without him.”

1. The Becoming Alteration (Instrumental Intro)
2. Dark Crypt
3. Chasm of Death
4. Abstract Submission
5. Cryptic Illusions
6. Folie à deux (Instrumental interlude)
7. Limbic Dichotomy
8. The Inducer
9. The Acceptor

Band lineup:
Amey Bhole – Vocals, Bass
Aumkar lele – Drums
Rishabh Ravi – Guitars
Mihir Gaikwad – Guitars

‘Delirious Excursion’ credits:
Artwork – Turkka G Rantanen (Demilich, Adramelech, Demigod, Zealotry)
Pranav Kamat – Recording
Mixing – Greg Chandler (Cruciamentum, Grave Miasma, Esoteric, etc.)
Mastering – Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Demiurg, Pan.Thy.Monium, etc.)

Darkrypt are also a part of the 65-band label sampler that can be heard HERE.

Darkrypt Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook

Fetid Zombie signs to Transcending Obscurity Records

After planning releases of Paganizer and Affliction Gate on the main (international) Transcending Obscurity label, we are proud to welcome to our fold Mark Riddick‘s death metal band Fetid Zombie. Expect only the best, classic-spirited death metal with genre-defining aesthetics from the legend himself.

Transcending Obscurity label head Kunal Choksi states, “Having worked with Mark Riddick before for the promotion of his previous full-length album ‘Grotesque Creation’, not only was the music absolutely remarkable with the right influences and aesthetics, I was thoroughly impressed by his humility and promptness. Right then I made a mental note of working with him as much as possible, and when I approached him with a label deal for his upcoming album, it went down absolutely smoothly and I’m really excited to deal with his music and also artworks (being somewhat of a budding artist myself) in the coming year. It promises to be his best album yet!”


Fetid Zombie sole creationist and art legend Mark Riddick adds, “I’m very pleased to be working with Kunal and Transcending Obscurity in support of Fetid Zombie’s sixth full-length album, ‘Epicedia’. Kunal is a hard-working professional and I put my full confidence in his expertise, ability to network, and his passion for good music. For a long time, metal fans have known me for my artwork however I’ve been publishing music since the early ’90s as well. I believe Fetid Zombie’s new album will convince fans that my song-writing is equally as compelling as my illustration abilities. My latest effort is for fans who are looking for an underground death metal album familiar but unique and original. In addition, ‘Epicedia’ will showcase the virtuoso talents of several unlikely guest musicians who boast their talents throughout the album.”


FETID ZOMBIE_Photo 04-small

Fetid Zombie are contributing an unreleased song for the upcoming Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler – ‘Volume 1’.

Mark Riddick (RiddickArt) Facebook | Fetid Zombie Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Bandcamp


‘Transcending Obscurity Classics’ – new sub-label announced

It’s time to revisit the classics all over again. After starting a sub-label in 2013, Transcending Obscurity India, meant for bands from the Indian subcontinent to the rest of Asia, Transcending Obscurity is keen on re-releasing sold out albums, with official licensing and excellent packaging, under the new sub-label ‘Transcending Obscurity Classics’. As the term denotes, it’s essentially classic quality. Bigger, sold out releases will be covered as well as the more obscure ones, as the essence of the label remains the same for all sub-label divisions.

The first release to be put out under this new division is ‘Once Entombed…’ which is a compilation of all previously released material by the excellent Greek death metal band called Abyssus. Below is the artwork for it.

Abyssus are a new sensation in the death metal underground, known for their Obituary-esque traits as well as their crust-laden old school death metal leanings. The band successfully reinvigorate the fire lacking in today’s death metal music, by circumventing the modern elements and just going primal both in rage and sound. This release puts together their latest split material with crust grinders Slaktgrav, their infamous EP ‘Summon the Dead’, which was also on the split with Czech death metal grime-peddlers Morbider, as well as their split with death metal warlords Nocturnal Vomit, and finally, their debut EP ‘Monarch to the Kingdom of the Dead’ – all in reverse chronological order, having the latest material first. The energy is barely contained on this single disc, which reverberates with untamed enthusiasm, purest intentions and a sound that hearkens back to the irresistible, untouched-by-fate golden period of death metal.


Transcending Obscurity Classics label head Kunal Choksi states, “I’m about the biggest fan of ‘Slowly We Rot’-era Obituary, and until now, the magic of that style of death metal has never been successfully recreated. Abyssus, especially with the material on ‘Once Entombed…’, rival that very period of Obituary, as well as add an extra dose of thrashy/crusty wickedness to the sound. This, of course, is in addition to the vocalist Kostas sounding uncannily close to John Tardy. There’s something in the vibe of this material of Abyssus that’s simply unparalleled. It makes the original death metal fan inside me come alive.” 

Abyssus frontman Kostas Analytis comments, “We are more than happy being a part of the Transcending Obscurity family and having our release as the premier release of the new sub-label Transcending Obscurity Classics. We are thankful to Kunal and really thrilled for this collaboration. ‘Once Entombed…’ will show to all the band’s race from the very beginning till today. Excited!”


Abyssus will also be featured in the Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler – ‘Volume 1’.

Pre-order the limited edition CD here | Abyssus Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook





Transcending Obscurity signs Swedish death metal warmachine PAGANIZER


2016 is the year Transcending Obscurity (main label) shifts its focus on signing more prominent bands from around the world. The budget remains a constraint, especially with the currency rate difference, but determination and hard work shall hopefully prevail.

With that said, Transcending Obscurity is proud to work with Rogga Johansson and his main band Paganizer, playing some of the most pulverizing and time-tested Swedish death metal music possible. Rogga Johansson is also responsible for other well-known acts like Putrevore, Megascavenger, Johansson & SpeckmannDown Among the Dead Men, Echelon, Necrogod, and others. Watch out for the upcoming release titled ‘On the Outskirts of Hades’ to be released in early 2016.


Transcending Obscurity label head Kunal Choksi states, “I’m a huge fan of Rogga Johansson and his impossibly solid death metal music, and Paganizer happens to be his main band. Having most of the extensive Paganizer discography in my personal collection, it’s with great honour that I hereby announce the release of the band’s next output titled ‘On the Outskirts of Hades’ on the main Transcending Obscurity label.”

In Rogga Johansson’s own words, “We are very excited to release a minicd with Kunal and Transcending Obscurity early in 2016. There will be four new songs which are some of the coolest stuff we’ve done in a long time, and as special bonus there will also be a full gig on the CD too, recorded last year in Stockholm, Sweden. So be prepared for 2016, to be ripped apart and devoured ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF HADES!”

Paganizer will be a part of the Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler – ‘Volume 1’ scheduled for release on Christmas this year.

Paganizer Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Bandcamp (international)

Transcending Obscurity Distribution announces PRIMITIV album launch

Mumbai-based death metal band Primitiv have been working hard to record their debut full length album titled ‘Immortal and Vile’. It will now be released through Transcending Obscurity Distribution, available as a CD and also with a special ‘fan pack’, as well as digital which will come later. The album’s official release date is February 1st, 2016. For the Indian album launch show, however, it will be released sooner on January 9th, 2016, to coincide with the Thunderstorm fest which will be the launch gig for this massive release.


Transcending Obscurity Distribution owner Kunal Choksi had to say this about the Primitiv release, Primitiv are one of the most promising bands from the country. I think no other band have played more shows than Primitiv have in the last year or so, which speaks volumes about their dedication and also shows their seriousness about the band’s future. Their music continues to get heavier, tighter and catchier, and it’s great to be associated with the release of the band’s debut material. Let’s hope it can leave a mark.”

Primitiv member Riju Dasgupta (also of Albatross) adds, “‘Immortal and Vile’ is the first album in my 11 year music career with harsh vocals, and I’m very excited to see how the crowd receives it.It is also my first lyrical foray into fantasy, and what a thrill it was to create this universe. Having worked with Kunal for Albatross before, I know what an asset he can be when it comes to pushing the band. The fan pack looks exciting, and as a metalhead even I’d be happy to own one of those beauties.”

PrimitivTshirt Mockup4-final-small

About ‘Immortal and Vile’ –

Featuring members of Albatross and Killibrium, Primitiv unearth a form of music that can only be called primitive. One of the most active bands in the live circuit around the country, Primitiv lay waste to poseurs peddling in anything less than catastrophically heavy like they do. Sounding humongous, the music plods powerfully, each step creating shock waves, as the legendary vocalist of the Indian metal scene, Nitin Rajan, growls like a thundering beast. Reverberations of his voice tear through the heart of those residing in his earthly kingdom. Primitiv‘s debut is about the creation of mankind, amidst dominating creatures, and its ponderous progression towards damnation. The music is as morbid, crude and old school as it can get, and at the same time, it marks a cyclic evolution for the genre as a whole, as it retraces the roots of the genre and sets out afresh to carve a path that’s only half as familiar – a second life given to the genre of death metal, set in the primal proto-death/doom period, but finding relevance today in the soulless mechanical era. This is where pure brute force meets suspenseful exploration, and gives new hope for the future of the style.

Pre-order the CD here | Pre-order the special ‘Fan Pack’ here | Bandcamp Order Page

Stream one of the fresh songs off the album here –

Band line-up:
Nitin Rajan – Vocals
Riju Dasgupta – Bass
Rajarshi Bhattacharya – Guitars
Pushkar Joshi – Drums
Kiron Kumar – GuitarsArtwork – Rahul Chacko (Scribble Bandit)

Primitiv Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook | Transcending Obscurity YouTube Channel

Zero Gravity – announce new vocalist

Indore-based death/groove metal combo Zero Gravity has announced Natasha Chowdhury as its new vocalist. Chowdhury follows in the footsteps of Kratika Bagora, who left the band on good terms in late August 2015 to pursue education – and career opportunities in New York.


The band had the following to say about the transition: “It’s with a heavy heart that we part ways with our vocalist who now is pursuing her career abroad.We are eternally grateful to Kratika for all her passion, hard work and talent and we wish her the best of luck for her future endeavors. We feel great pride in what has been achieved in the past,but also look forward to new battles and new victories. We welcome the new overlord of screams Natasha Chowdhury as our lead vocalist with open arms –and we hope you will have open ears! Let’s welcome her to the Zero Gravity family. She is one heck of monster on stage.”

“Holocaust Awaits”, Zero Gravity‘s debut album for Transcending Obscurity Distribution, was recorded at Mindmap Productions in Mumbai with Ashwin Shriven (Demonic Resurrection) handling the production. The digital artwork was rendered by Anirudh Singh for Nuclear Puke Designs. The album was released on November 2nd, 2014 in physical – and digital format through Transcending Obscurity. Zero Gravity recently launched ‘Warrior’, the first of its officially approved band shirts.

Pick up your shirt here as supplies are limited. For the latest show dates check out Zero Gravity‘s FaceBook profile.

Blackhour from Pakistan gets on Transcending Obscurity Distribution

ClassicRock_cover(new)After working with the likes of Multinational Corporations and Dionysus from Pakistan, proving beyond doubt that metal transcends boundaries, we are happy to work with Blackhour, Pakistan’s premiere heavy metal band, to release the band’s sophomore full length release. The international release date for the album is January 5th, 2016, although within Pakistan and India, due to an album launch show, ‘Sins Remain’ CDs will be made available sooner.


From Pakistan, the unlikeliest of places, we see a heavy metal band that’s creating quite a stir in the region. Blackhour are all set to release their sophomore debut album via Transcending Obscurity Distribution, presenting five epic songs with immense soul and sublime musicianship. Musically comparable to the classic traits of Iron Maiden as well as the modern soft improvisations of a band like Sentenced, the band forges a sound that is bound to hold appeal to any metal fan, old or new. Long, flowing compositions are spiced up with gritty vocals and punctuated by widely lauded harmonized dual solos which make the songs difficult to forget in any case. Impeccably produced and presented in a standard-setting quality, here’s heavy metal music that will give you goosebumps all over. The time has come. Blackhour strikes.

Pre-order the CD here:

Pre-order the CD + T-shirt combo here:

Blackhour on Transcending Obscurity India Bandcamp:

Blackhour Facebook:


Gaijin is all set to release its debut on Transcending Obscurity Distribution

New Mumbai-based death metal band, Gaijin, is all set to release its debut EP. The quintet has been toiling away for five years and this is the culmination of the band’s sound. Expect dizzying musicianship, innovative rhythms and drum patterns under the guise of death metal. The release date is set at November 7th, 2015 and can be pre-ordered here –


Gaijin, from Mumbai, India happen to be THE band to take death metal ahead in the country. Working behind the scenes for over five years, the band has finally come up with a potent EP that will change the perception of metal music emanating from these parts. Playing intricate, catchy and dizzying tunes, these guys are whipping out a form of death metal that’s far from conventional. Forging a path of its own, Gaijin’s expression is boosted by the production job done by the legend Pierre Remillard from Canada, who has previously worked with bands like Cryptopsy, Gorguts, Martyr among countless others. The flair is distinct, the intent ambitious and this could very well be the next big thing. The focus remains on sublime musicianship and structural richness, over humdrum brutality or incessant breakdowns, for a change.

Music –


The line up consists of –
Malcolm Soans – Vocals
Vinit Jani – Guitar
Jay Pardhy – Guitar
Karan Oberoi – Bass
Ajit Singh – Drums

Gaijin Band Pic-small
Gaijin Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook

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