Argentinian grindcore/crust band MEDIUM sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

While we’ve been on the lookout for worthy grind/crust acts, they’re few and far between, at least the ones that appeal to us. Marginal put out a brilliant album late last year, following the devastating HM-2 crust release by Henry Kane, and it’s obviously with great pleasure that we announce the addition of another grind/crust […]

PLAGUE THROAT sign to Transcending Obscurity India (sub-label)

One of India’s leading bands, Plague Throat, are on the verge of releasing their much awaited full length titled ‘The Human Paradox’ through Transcending Obscurity India (sub-label). They join the ranks of bands like Gutslit, Chaos, The Minerva Conduct, Albatross, Primitiv, Against Evil and others.  The album artwork and track listing of the album is […]

Progressive supergroup THE MINERVA CONDUCT sign to Transcending Obscurity India

One of the most exciting bands from the country, The Minerva Conduct, are on the verge of releasing their debut full length and it gives us pleasure to offer a unique deal to put it out officially worldwide. Moreover, all logistics and products which are a part of the band’s crowdfunding campaign, will be taken […]

ILEMAUZAR, Singaporean black/death metal band, sign to Transcending Obscurity Asia

  After Rudra and Assault, we’re proud to have another respected and long-running band from Singapore Ilemauzar on our newly formed sub-label, Transcending Obscurity Asia. The continent deserves special focus and in an attempt to do better justice to the bands and provide them with an international platform, the sub-label was formed earlier this year. Transcending […]

Singaporean band ASSAULT sign to Transcending Obscurity Asia

After Rudra, Assault are another band from Singapore join the Asian sub-label called Transcending Obscurity Asia. Assault‘s new album is death/thrash with melodic touches and the whole thing is brimming with passion and aggression. That such bands persist without much international recognition or distribution is almost unfair, and we’re happy to have them on board. […]

SHEPHERD and DEATH BY FUNGI to release split album through Transcending Obscurity India

Two luminaries from the Indian metal scene that are largely unheralded are Shepherd from Bangalore playing sludge and the newer band Death By Fungi from Mumbai playing hardcore punk. While the former has received many accolades internationally, Death By Fungi are propagating a form of music that’s new to the country. With a common ideology […]

Bangladesh death metal legends Severe Dementia sign to Transcending Obscurity Asia

One of the biggest bands from the subcontinent, Severe Dementia from Bangladesh, are back and have been touring relentlessly. They released an album in the last decade that has since been much sought after. The legends have risen since then and are furiously working on new songs. It’s great to be involved in supporting the […]