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Blackhour from Pakistan gets on Transcending Obscurity Distribution

ClassicRock_cover(new)After working with the likes of Multinational Corporations and Dionysus from Pakistan, proving beyond doubt that metal transcends boundaries, we are happy to work with Blackhour, Pakistan’s premiere heavy metal band, to release the band’s sophomore full length release. The international release date for the album is January 5th, 2016, although within Pakistan and India, due to an album launch show, ‘Sins Remain’ CDs will be made available sooner.


From Pakistan, the unlikeliest of places, we see a heavy metal band that’s creating quite a stir in the region. Blackhour are all set to release their sophomore debut album via Transcending Obscurity Distribution, presenting five epic songs with immense soul and sublime musicianship. Musically comparable to the classic traits of Iron Maiden as well as the modern soft improvisations of a band like Sentenced, the band forges a sound that is bound to hold appeal to any metal fan, old or new. Long, flowing compositions are spiced up with gritty vocals and punctuated by widely lauded harmonized dual solos which make the songs difficult to forget in any case. Impeccably produced and presented in a standard-setting quality, here’s heavy metal music that will give you goosebumps all over. The time has come. Blackhour strikes.

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Blackhour on Transcending Obscurity India Bandcamp:

Blackhour Facebook:


Gaijin is all set to release its debut on Transcending Obscurity Distribution

New Mumbai-based death metal band, Gaijin, is all set to release its debut EP. The quintet has been toiling away for five years and this is the culmination of the band’s sound. Expect dizzying musicianship, innovative rhythms and drum patterns under the guise of death metal. The release date is set at November 7th, 2015 and can be pre-ordered here –


Gaijin, from Mumbai, India happen to be THE band to take death metal ahead in the country. Working behind the scenes for over five years, the band has finally come up with a potent EP that will change the perception of metal music emanating from these parts. Playing intricate, catchy and dizzying tunes, these guys are whipping out a form of death metal that’s far from conventional. Forging a path of its own, Gaijin’s expression is boosted by the production job done by the legend Pierre Remillard from Canada, who has previously worked with bands like Cryptopsy, Gorguts, Martyr among countless others. The flair is distinct, the intent ambitious and this could very well be the next big thing. The focus remains on sublime musicianship and structural richness, over humdrum brutality or incessant breakdowns, for a change.

Music –


The line up consists of –
Malcolm Soans – Vocals
Vinit Jani – Guitar
Jay Pardhy – Guitar
Karan Oberoi – Bass
Ajit Singh – Drums

Gaijin Band Pic-small
Gaijin Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook

Transcending Obscurity India (sub-label) signs Third Sovereign

New Logo

Long-running band from Aizwal, India is on the verge of releasing its sophomore album after a gap of almost eight years. A lot has changed since then but not the band’s passion and dedication towards the genre of death metal. After having heard some samples of the upcoming album, the sub-label is proud to welcome another band to its ever-growing roster.

Label head Kunal Choksi states, “I’m a death metal fan primarily and have been on the lookout for more promising bands from the country. My search ended with Third Sovereign which hasn’t forgotten the art or the skill and is poised to the take the Indian standards of extreme metal to another level. Vedant and I are in regular touch discussing details of the upcoming album which will be unleashed upon the worldwide audience in the near future.”

Third Sovereign vocalist Vedant comments, “This is what we have been working at and looking out for and having said that want to thank all you loyal and honest supporters for being with us all these years and this one is dedicated to all you sick perverts. The new record took a long time but that’s how it works for us I guess. Until’ Mortality…. “



Band lineup:
Vedant – Vocals
Benjamin – Guitar
Jonah – Bass
Reuben – Drums

More details on the upcoming album will be revealed soon. A rough preview can be heard here –

Transcending Obscurity Facebook | Third Sovereign Facebook 


Albatross Premiere New Official Video – Jugglehead the Clown

After wowing the Indian and international audiences with a stellar full length album, leaving no stone unturned, heavy metal band Albatross unveil a new video that was professionally shot and edited. We delve into the making of it and the ideas behind it. Drummer Jay Thacker, who adopted a special look for this track reveals, “My wife Sucharita came up with the idea of the ‘clown makeup’ which all of us liked right off the bat and had her on board as the artist, especially with her having some prior experience.”



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