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Flight’s Metalcore-ner: The Essentials


Now that we've had some rounds sharing what the new school has to offer, it felt like time to build more or less a starter pack for the noob listener.  It's hard to boil down any genre to just a few albums, but if someone asked me which ones were required listening it would be the ones below.  Mind you, this is sticking to a purist view of metalcore.  No mathcore here, though I highly recommend you further your listening there as well with bands like Botch, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Sikth.

Wired Anxiety schedule much awaited release on Transcending Obscurity Distribution


Death metal band Wired Anxiety have been around since almost a decade, releasing their debut titled ‘The Eternal Maze’ and playing a lot of energy-filled shows around the country. It’s been four years since their first release, and it’s time for the one to drop, which is expected to surpass almost everyone’s expectations. ‘The Delirium of Negation’ is up for pre-orders now and the release date for it is July 1st.

Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi states, “Wired Anxiety guys are among the most hardworking and ambitious in the scene. Before leaving for higher studies, they’ve released a mammoth album, their best easily. Mixed by the same guy who worked on Katalepsy‘s albums, ‘The Delirium of Negation’ will probably go down as the best release in that style this year. There will be not one but two artworks made by the same guy who did artworks for Aborted and Devourment, it will come in a special slipcase packaging including both of them. Expect crushing death metal spiked with brutality.”

Wired Anxiety comment, “We’ve been with Kunal since a long time now, right from ‘The Eternal Maze’ EP days and he has supported our work so much, we think he’s the guy we can really trust with our latest release. His unmatched passion for metal will help the band grow to a new level and we can’t be more excited about this. We have made our fans wait so long for this EP but not anymore. Really looking forward to it, this should be fun.”




New Bombay boys in Wired Anxiety have left something special for posterity, before moving out of the country for higher studies. ‘The Delirium of Negation’ has to be one of the most ambitious and well-recorded death metal albums from the country. None other than Arkady Navaho of Navaho Studios (Katalepsy, 7 H.Target, etc.) mixed and mastered the release for maximum impact. The band’s sounding mightier than ever before; the riffs are chunkier than the flesh on a water buffalo, percussion that’s literally floor-crumbling, and compelling growling that adds a lot of momentum to the proceedings. This is death metal with vigour, force and panache, the new face of Indian death metal. There are not one but two artworks for this release, made by the reputed Indonesian artist Coki Greenway (Aborted, Devourment, etc.) and both are presented in a special slipcase edition that’s strictly limited. If you’re into death metal that’s brutal and heavy, Wired Anxiety are bound to please.


Wired Anxiety Official Facebook | Wired Anxiety Bandcamp | Pre-order the T-shirt + CD combo (with freebies) | Pre-order the CD only

Dusk (Pakistan) sign to Transcending Obscurity India

Dusk logo on black

Pakistani doom metal legends Dusk have announced the release of their new full length album under Transcending Obscurity India (main sub-label for the subcontinent). Formed in 1994, they’re regarded as a pioneering metal band in their country, and one can expect nothing but top class sonic output from this highly respected band. Their music is mature as well as emotive, without straying too far from their roots.

Transcending Obscurity India owner Kunal Choksi announces, “It’s with great pride that I welcome one of the most respected bands from the region on the esteemed sub-label. Dusk are undying metal legends, have been devoted to the cause for decades, and have pioneered the extreme metal movement in Pakistan. They will be releasing their new full length via Transcending Obscurity India in the near future. Expect only the best from this legendary doom metal band.”

Dusk founder Babar Sheikh adds, “We are pleased to broadcast the latest happening at the Dusk camp! After the recent marking of our 20 years of existence we would like to announce our signing with the well-respected Asian record label Transcending Obscurity (India). We at Dusk have been very lucky over the past two decades at having always met and collaborated with people who have continually supported Dusk and have shared our love for doom metal! We hope and believe that this new partnering will bring forth great and fulfilling creative rewards for both Dusk and Transcending Obscurity.”

Band lineup:
Babar Sheikh – Bass / Vox
Halim Yousof (Tremor) – Drums
Omran Shafique – Guitar


Transcending Obscurity India discography – 

TOI 01 – Djinn and Miskatonic (Bangalore, India) – ‘Forever in the Realm’ (2013, doom metal)
TOI 02 – Dormant Inferno (India) / Dionysus (Pakistan) – ‘Beyond Forgotten Shores’ (2015, doom/black metal)
TOI 03 – Albatross (Mumbai, India) – ‘Fear from the Skies’ (2015, heavy metal)
TOI 04 – Third Sovereign (Aizwal, India) – ‘Perversion Swallowing Sanity’ (2016, death metal)

Dusk Facebook | Transcending Obscurity India Bandcamp | Transcending Obscurity Label Roster

TO Staff – Technical Death Metal Highlights (Pt. 1)

hope that something will forcefully yank said teeth from your jaw.  I consider myself a lover of all things technical, and given the sheer number of metal bands these days it pays to have some experience in the realms of jazz and classical music to evolve beyond simple brutality into mind-breaking art.  That having been said, the tech death genre isn’t exactly new either.  The old combination of relentless double-bass and wildly noodling guitars just doesn’t quite pay the bills anymore.  It is with this idea in mind that the Transcending Obscurity staff put this list together.  We strive to bring you the best and brightest who are not only god-like in their musicianship, but also have enough creativity and songwriting skills to create albums that are both enjoyable and unique. –FlightOfIcarus

Metalcore-ner Vol 2

Episode 2: We present 3 more bands that rise above the pack to put the "metal" in metalcore.  Scene assholes need not apply.

Asian giants Rudra sign with Transcending Obscurity Asia


Vedic metal pioneers from Singapore, Rudra, are going to release their new full length album through a newly created label division for Asia called Transcending Obscurity Asia. It’s only fitting for a band that’s highly prominent in Asia to get a separate distinction, to be the first band signed to this leg, and remain most conspicuous. Rudra’s new album is called ‘Enemy of Duality’ and it once again delves into the realm of Indian spirituality.

Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi announces, “It’s an absolute dream come true to work with one of the most deserving bands from this part of the world. Rudra are real metal warriors, trailblazers, and not just that, they have been proliferated the theme of ancient Indian philosophy since decades, which is something very close to my heart. It’s with utmost pleasure that I announce Rudra‘s signing for their new album on the newly formed label-division, Transcending Obscurity Asia. Having done enough for deserving and obscure bands from the Indian subcontinent, via TO India and TO Distribution, I feel it’s time to also focus on bands from Asia – metal this side of the world has always remained overlooked, despite the interest from all over, and here’s hoping that Rudra will lead the way in carving a solid image for Asian bands that happen to be not just world class, but also perhaps superior to the Western counterparts in some ways.”

Kathir of Rudra comments “Shiva, Simon, Vinod & I are truly excited about our signing to Transcending Obscurity Asia. Presenting the new album, ‘Enemy of Duality’, via Transcending Obscurity is definitely going to make a huge difference in the way our music has been marketed and distributed. We truly look forward to working with Kunal Choksi who has been one of the most passionate guys we have met in years in wanting to genuinely promote metal.”

RUDRA 01-small

The album ‘Enemy of Duality’ is expected to get released around July-August 2016. Rudra’s previous album ‘Rta’ can be heard here –

Rudra Official Site | Rudra Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Band Roster

Infernal Diatribe announce release via Transcending Obscurity Distribution


Occult black metal band from Kolkata, India have announced their debut release via Transcending Obscurity Distribution. ‘Videha Mukti’ is highly awaited and comes with a special packaging with matt lamination and a massive 12-page booklet containing complete song lyrics as well as notes on goddess Kali and moksha. It’s very limited.

Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi states, “Transcending Obscurity Distribution is all about supporting the underground and Infernal Diatribe from Kolkata reek of that. Their brand of black metal is very deserving and the guys have been very patient with this. I can only hope they can get their due and conquer new territories with this deal. Their passion is fierce, their music is pure, and their determination is right up there.”

Infernal Diatribe comment, “We thank Transcending Obscurity Distribution wholeheartedly for giving us this opportunity. Our endeavours would not have come to fruition without the consistent support of Kunal Choksi – working with him has been a delightful experience.

‘Videha Mukti’, our four-tracked EP will transport you to a knowledge portal like no other – the flaming Aghori liberated, your throbbing soul will be consumed by a spiritual  transcendence like never before. Beauty and horror will be unleashed in this ‘vale of soulmaking.’ Gyres will turn.”


Infernal Diatribe, hailing from Kolkata, India, have taken the torch from Heathen Beast in further propagating the sound of black metal from the country. Along with significant albums released by Toxoid and Diabolus Arcanium, they’re at the foremost where the black metal scene in India is currently poised. Playing vicious and ambitious occult black metal, this quintet is all set to unleash their underground assault on unsuspecting ears worldwide. The band have worked tremendously hard on making this debut, their dream, a reality and armed with a deal with Transcending Obscurity Distribution, one can expect the band moving out of their home base to play other cities, and hopefully, other countries as well. Nonetheless, there’s little to stop their blackened spiritual attack. Superbly composed songs with an underlying dark Indian theme forms the crux of the band’s music. The whole affair reeks of spiritual indulgences, the left hand path and its fatal implications this side of the world, as the band tells us about the aghori path of moksha aka spiritual enlightenment.

Infernal Diatribe lineup –
Vocals – KaraNavigama
Guitar – Kalavikrama
Guitar – Narantaka
Bass – Kalaparzudhara
Drums – Naztaz

Order the CD hereInfernal Diatribe Bandcamp | Infernal Diatribe Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook

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