SPECIAL FEATURE: Best of 2016 – Vidur Paliwal (TO Staff)

Best Albums of 2016

In the modern day and age, it has become nearly impossible to list the “top” releases of the year. With bands around the world at your finger-tips, one has access to more music than one could give an ear to in a year. This has led to shorter attention spans, and a near death of […]


Ingurgitating Oblivion are a death metal act from Germany who play some of the finest melancholic and haunting death metal I have ever heard. The band released a fantastic album in ‘Continuum of Absence’ in 2014 and are working on a follow up for 2016. We sat down with the founding member Florian Engelke for […]

INTERVIEW: OKTOR – Doom Metal band from Poland

Oktor have been around for more than a decade, spreading their slow doom-laden tunes across Poland. But it was only at the end of 2014 did the band finally release their debut full length album ‘Another Dimension in Pain’. The album, released on the mighty Solitude Productions, took their music to a complete new audience, […]

PREMIERE: CAMEL OF DOOM’s ‘Sleeper Must Awaken’

Hailing from the United Kingdom, the doomsters in Camel of Doom have time and time again showcased their willingness to stray from the path and take the road less taken. Over the years, the band has continued to explore and master their soundscape which is truly reflected in their latest offering, ‘Terrestrial’. The band manages to experiment […]