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Interview with Craven Idol

Craven Idol Band

Have you checked out ‘The Shackles of Mammon’ by UK black metallers Craven Idol? If you haven’t, I urge you to take a listen to the band’s rather storming song ‘A Ripping Strike’ in the video below. It’s as good an introduction and any to the band, and is merely a glimpse of the dark blackened […]

Hardcore Highlights 2013 – Part 2

Honduran This was a real slow-burner for me. On first listen I was unsold. I thought that it was good, but I couldn’t see myself really listening to it that much again. It turns out I was wrong. ALBUM NAME got under my skin, and I found myself returning to it, slowly at first, over […]

Interview with Gridfailure

If you haven’t encountered Gridfailure’s work before then I highly recommend you check it out. I normally have quite a standoff-ish relationship with anything of the experimental/electronic/noise/whatever variety; it takes something quite special to get me interested in a style that’s largely guitar/drum-less. Enter Gridfailure. The debut album from this one-man project is exactly that – […]

Interview with Vanhelgd

Vanhelgd Band 1

Vanhelgd’s latest album ‘Temple of Phobos’ is a monster of an album. This is a band that seem to be able to effortlessly combine heaviness and atmosphere into a single package of death metal goodness. It’s definitely one to check out, so make sure that you do. Guitarist/vocalist Mattias Frisk spoke eloquently about his band, his music, […]

Hardcore Highlights 2013 – Part 1


Welcome to Part 1 of the latest instalment in the Hardcore Highlights series. This time, we focus on 2013. As previously, there were so many releases I could have included, but for the sake of brevity I have limited it to ten and split the article into two parts. Let’s have at it then! All […]

Interview with melodic thrash metal group Murashita

Murashita 1

Who or what is Murashita? Well, if you like sharply-delivered melodic thrash/death metal with a technical edge and good songwriting, then I suggest you check out the below interview with the man himself, preferably while blaring out ‘Inescapable Damnation’ at full volume. Transcending Obscurity: Introduce us to yourself I’m Masaki Murashita, singer/guitarist of Los Angeles […]

Interview with atmospheric doom metal band ECHO

Echo Band

‘Head First Into Shadows’ is the captivating second album from EchO, an atmospheric doom metal band from Italy. It’s an involved and engaging listen that shows a band colouring their material with rich texture and substance, producing 50 minutes of sublime darkness that can’t fail to pull the listener in, if only given the chance. […]

Hardcore Highlights 2014 – Part 2


This is Part 2 of my hardcore highlights for 2014. Part 1 focused on 5 ferociously good bands, and in this instalment I want to concentrate on yet another 5 releases that you should definitely check out. Haymaker – Let Them Rot Short and brutal, this is a mere four minutes long, but still manages […]

Interview with Uhtcearu

Uhtcearu Band

Hailing from the US, the début album from this melodic black metal band has really struck a chord with me. The combination of blackened darkness and colourful melodies that Uhtcearu specialise in is downright infectious, and I heartily recommend them to all. Good music deserves to be championed, so I caught up with Zach Ostrowski who gave […]


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