Interview with Swedish legends KATATONIA

Katatonia have been a personal favourite ever since ‘Brave Murder Day’ came out. It just stood apart at that time (and spawned many clones) but more importantly, it’s how the band evolved from there that was truly remarkable. ‘Saw You Drown’ and ‘Discouraged Ones’ were phenomenal and paved the way for the band’s current sound. […]

Special Interview – India’s premier heavy metal band Albatross

Albatross have been one of the most well-received metal bands in India, especially after the release of their first full-length album – ‘Fear from the Skies’. This band have amassed fame and critical acclaim for their horror-tinged heavy metal assault with lyrical compositions that can send you on a morbid, unnerving journey. ‘Fear from the […]

Special Interview – Getting to know Eclipse

Eclipse are a heavy metal band from Guwahati, India. They are criminally underrated despite the recent release of their full length debut titled ‘Clandestine Resurrection’. Prior to this, they were a part of the 65-band Transcending Obscurity label sampler and are expected to release their upcoming album via the same entity. For now, let’s delve into […]