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Australian black/death maniacs THE FUROR sign to Transcending Obscurity Records


The Furor have been waging war with their brand of fiery black/death metal that lays waste to pretty much all else. One man army Dizazter has been drumming for none other than Impiety and this is music that is at par with that legendary band if not better. They’re on the verge of putting out their latest full length album titled ‘Cavalries of the Occult’.

Transcending Obscurity Records owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Furor‘s previous album which I felt was devastating and I was utterly delighted to get a chance to personally release the band’s new album via my label, Transcending Obscurity Records. Louis Rando is not only a respectable figure with his involvement in bands like Impiety and others, but it’s just phenomenal how he’s done everything on this album, which is miles ahead of what he’s done with this band in the past. Expect nothing less than mind-numbing, cataclysmic ferocity that you’ve come to expect from this vitriolic black metal band.”

Dizazter states, “I’m pleased to let you know that the 5th The Furor album ‘Cavalries of the Occult’ is scheduled for release by renowned Indian metal label/distro Transcending Obscurity Records. I’ve been in contact with Kunal from the label since 2005 when I sent him a copy of our 2nd CD ‘Advance Australia Warfare’ for review, and since then he’s worked ferociously hard, working out great distro arrangements for bands worldwide and proudly promoting the shit out of them! It’s ridiculous how much energy this guy has. This will be the first The Furor album to have a proper avenue of international distribution also. GREAT to finally have the name and style hit more ears. It’s been a long time coming… I’ve been mailing out our CD’s myself for years and it’s awesome and relieving to have help on this one. It’s the best album too in my opinion. Absolutely devastating from start to finish, bestial riffage and drums smashing you from every angle, produced and performed at a higher standard than anything I’ve done in the past with the band. All boxes fuckin ticked! I almost impressed myself with this one, true story. Order info is soon to come, check out our pages for now, bombard the like buttons, cheers!”



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