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2016 Video Round up – Part II

It has barely been a month since we put up part I and already, we find ourselves trying hard to keep the videos to be featured in part II under a reasonable number. It is nice to see bands continue to take the effort to make quality music videos. These are not merely videos of the band playing set in some exotic backdrop. In most cases they’ll well produced and well executed visual representation of the band’s music and theme. So here you go, 15 music videos that are definitely worth checking out. ~ Shrivatsan R (Deputy Editor)

Aetherian – The Rain (Independent)

I’m not familiar with Aetherian, but I am pretty stoked for their upcoming album. This track, The Rain fills me with nostalgia for the golden age of melodic death metal: backdrop of a dead forest, grey and sepia filters, slo-mo silhouette shots, and of course plenty of long-haired headbanging. It’s a simple but beautiful video to fit a great song. Plenty of focus on the guitar playing for all of you developing axe men out there. ~ FlightOfIcarus

Astrakhan – Turgid Waters (War on Music)

Sludge and music videos go so well together. Something about the moderate pacing and highly emotive qualities of this style just scream for visual treatment. It’s especially fitting that a group like Astrakhan with some clear influences from one of the best purveyors of videos out there, Tool, would want to throw their own work into the ring. Foregoing gore, Turgid Waters tells a black and white story filled with more visceral and realistic violence congruent with the song’s more fervent moments. ~ FlightOfIcarus

Beastwars – Witches (Destroy Records)

New Zealand stoner/sludge metal band Beastwars impressed with their sophomore album ‘Blood Becomes Fire’. Their latest album ‘Death of All things’ builds on that sound. The video for the track Witches from the album has an ominous vibe to it. The rituals and imagery in the video made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This is not your typical metal band performing in a warehouse video. Watch it to the end to find out what happens. ~ Peter Kotikalapudi

Drought – Fire Breathing (Urdva Kundali Arise) (Avantgarde Music)

The mysterious black metal entity that goes by the name Drought, have released an equally mysterious music video for their track Fire Breathing. With quick cuts depicting images of bones, the woods, fire and goat skulls, the occult theme is captured beautifully on screen with some solid cinematography to boot. There is no obvious common thread that connects the scenes in the video and just like Drought’s music, it is chaotic, weird and downright eerie. With some actual fire breathing also involved, it is an intense and convoluted ride. ~ Shrivatsan R (Deputy Editor)

Endemise – Anathema (Maple Metal Records)

This is the original spirit of black metal in the flesh. Think back to those old Immortal videos. This is definitely in the same vein. Lo-fi, even with some added picture aging effects to deepen the effect. No color, of course, and just the band being over-the-top around a fog machine and some candles. Pretty killer song too if you ask me. ~ FlightOfIcarus

Enthrallment – Enslaved by Your Own Seed (Rebirth the Metal Productions)

Enthrallment are Bulgaria’s best kept secret. Their band of death metal is absolutely pulverizing, reminiscent of Immolation but an even thicker and more brutal version. The band have crafted an excellent video with lyrics ensconced in floating structures resembling complexities of our world and the inextricable web of interrelation miring us all. While the music in itself is phenomenal and pulsating, the video does a fantastic job capturing the pace and undulations of the song. ~ Kunal Choksi (Editor-in-chief)

Grey Heaven Fall – Tranquility in a Black Room (Aesthetics of Devastation)

Russian black and death metal band Grey Heaven Fall blew me away late last year with their album, ‘Black Wisdom’. Now they are back with a music video of one of their best tracks. The video is likely to give some seizures given the weird kaleidoscope effect and fast editing. Fitting to the music, it has a very dark atmosphere that leaves you squinting through the shadows to decipher the images. Sometimes its the band playing, others it God knows what. Simple, effective, evil. ~ FlightOfIcarus

Inferior – Own Your Honor (Independent)

Another live video, but this one is notable to me in that in my opinion there is not a lot of truly great straight-up thrash metal going on these days. Inferior rips on this song like it’s still the days of the big 4. I am particularly fond of the down-the-neck shots where we can see just how fast those fingers are traversing the fretboard. ~ FlightOfIcarus

Mantar – Cross the Cross (Nuclear Blast)

So what do you do, when you walk out your front door and see the grim reaper waiting for you? If Mantar’s music video for Cross the Cross is anything to go by, you just ignore them and spend the day with the your bandmate. Eventually the reapers will join you in your debauchery too. The sludge metal meets rock n’roll sound of Mantar acts as a perfect backdrop for the shots where the band is just strolling the city (very hip hop inspired video wise). The track ends with the reapers revealing their faces as the band members themselves. This is either a deep reference as to how we are our own downfalls, or the band members just straight up killed their grim reapers and stole their clothes and scythes (which is also very metal). Either way, the video and the idea are pretty darn cool ~ Shrivatsan R (Deputy Editor)

Morgue Supplier – End of Self (Obscure Musick)

With members of Drug Honkey involved in this death/grind band, you can expect a certain amount of demented visuals when it comes to the videos. I mean, the videos of Drug Honkey songs are some of the eeriest and honestly best ones I’ve seen, and the same level of artistic integrity has been applied here by common band member Paul Gillis. The End of Self video is compiled using disturbing images (expectedly) that somehow segues into one another with a sufficient level of repetition to make it memorable and frankly, unforgettable. It perfectly captures the sick and chaotic vibe of Morgue Supplier’s music ~ Kunal Choksi (Editor-in-chief)

North – Primal Bloom (Prosthetic Records)

What a fantastic release from the sludge camp. After playing around with their style for several years, even playing instrumental for a time, it seems that these guys have really found their sound. From one of my favorites of 2016 so far, ‘Light the Way,’ the group has featured a new video for the track Primal Bloom. Featuring sharp use of filters to give the band footage a damaged, skipping quality; I feel this presentation really highlight’s the bands keen balance of intense heaviness and serene beauty. Same goes for the interplay of the gorgeous outdoor scenes that have been filmed and spliced with a strangely ominous touch. Kind of reminds me of the opening to Dexter in a way. ~ FlightOfIcarus

Plebeian Grandstand – Eros Culture (Throatruiner Records)

Noisy, dissonant blackened hardcore is well matched here with great use of color and lighting. The band members are mere ominous black silhouettes against a backdrop of red. The atmosphere is just right, and like the music the anarchic alternations of bright flashes with slow motion is enough to induce seizures. ~ FlightOfIcarus

Skin Drone – Death Sentence (Bluntface Records)

Skin Drone have a sound that is quite hard to categorize. The jumps between industrial metal, death metal and clean acoustic sections can be quite disorienting and yet captivating at the same time. The band released a video for the track Death Sentence and the video does a good job of capturing the  claustrophobic atmosphere that the band occasionally to dwell into. The video portrays the struggle of a man as he gets the life choked out of him, with images of what I assume is his final thoughts interspersed during the cleaner moments. Interesting stuff. ~ Shrivatsan R (Deputy Editor)

SystemHouse33 – Lift this Plague (Independent)

If there’s a gritty and realistic video about the problems facing women in a developing country like India, this is it. It’s not often that you come across videos like this one, where the band members aren’t visible but the focus is kept solely on the message. While people here are aware of the atrocities and unfairness towards women to an extent, it’s an eye-opener for the outsiders – and there couldn’t be a stronger form of music than extreme metal to drill the point in the heads of the conservative and bigoted males. With better awareness, comes better understanding. Indian thrash/groove band Systemhouse33 have done a remarkable job here. ~ Kunal Choksi (Editor-in-chief)

Wolf King – Deathless (Independent)

Black and white seems to be en vogue right now. But it’s certainly fitting for Bay Area band Wolf King. This is possibly the best blackened hardcore I have heard this year, despite growing competition in the genre. This is your typical live video, but it’s just so sharp and visceral as to really get you interested in the idea of this band becoming a big thing. ~ FlightOfIcarus


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