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SONG PREMIERE: French Black/Death Metal Band Necroblood

Necroblood- Collapse of the Human Race

2017 seems to be the year for quite a few long-running bands to release their debut full length, as February saw French death metal group Ritualization put out their first full length record.  Fellow Frenchmen Necroblood are set to put out their debut full length ‘Collapse of the Human Race’ on March 31st as a co-release between Iron Bonehead Productions (vinyl) and Amor Fati Productions (CD), and they’re another group where the fairly lengthy period of putting out demos and EP’s has allowed them to finely hone their craft.  Formed in 2010 by ¾ of Evynkar, Necroblood plays the type of claustrophobic, hellish black/death metal that’s taken notes from bands like Beherit and Von alongside some of the more prominent old-school death metal bands.  Today we’re excited to premiere the second song from the album, Through Limitless Abysses, so you can experience for yourself how dense and calculated the group’s raging attack truly is.


SONG PREMIERE: Serbian Sludge Band Nula

Nula- Kenoma

Black Bow Records continues to be a great source for sludge and doom bands that I hadn’t come across before, as much of the label’s early 2017 roster are groups that are fairly new.  One of their latest finds is Serbia’s Nula, who formed in late 2013 and released a two-track demo in 2015.  On February 24th Black Bow will be releasing their newest three-song EP ‘Kenoma’, which finds the band offering an intriguing mix of sludge/doom with some gothic and groove metal influences seeping into the mix.  It doesn’t quite sound exactly like what you’d expect from any of those genre tags though, and today we’re excited to exclusively premiere the second song Silazak U Prah so that you can discover Nula’s sound for yourself.


SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Groove/Progressive Metal Band Of the Sun

Of the Sun- Before a Human Path

Austin’s Of the Sun released their debut full length ‘A.M. Radio’ way back in 2009, and now the group is preparing their sophomore effort ‘Before a Human Path’ for release on April 14th.  With a sound that they’ve dubbed “Southern progressive metal”, they channel a sound that falls somewhere between groove metal and death metal with a noticeable progressive flair.  Though it has been over six years since the release of their debut, it’s clear that Of the Sun hasn’t been resting on their laurels and has utilized that time to further hone their ideas.  Today we’re pleased to offer you a first taste of what ‘Before a Human Path’ has to offer with an exclusive stream of the second track, Nebulamorphous.



Sail- Slumbersong

Sludge/doom has absolutely blown up in recent years, with more and more bands vying for your attention than ever before.  Typically the genre has branched off into two directions, with one side trying to come through with the heaviest, ugliest sounds around and others going for a more rock feel.  So it’s always refreshing to find a group that’s doing their own thing, and this is where Sail caught my attention.  Previously known as Husk, their newest full length ‘Slumbersong’ is set for release March 3rd on Hibernacula Records and incorporates elements of sludge, rock ‘n roll, prog, and everything between.  Today we’re excited to premiere the opening song from the album, Praise And Hatred.


SONG PREMIERE: Brazilian Post Rock Band Labirinto

Labirinto- Gehenna

Pelagic Records continues to have one of the best rosters when it comes post rock from around the world.  2016 saw releases from bands like pg.lost, Mono, and Wang Wen (to name a few), and the label is starting off 2017 in strong fashion with the sophomore full length from Brazil’s Labirinto, ‘Gehenna’.  While it has been over six years since the release of their debut full length ‘Anatema’, Labirinto has kept themselves busy with several EP’s and a split with thisquietarmy, making ‘Gehenna’ their ninth release to date.  On this album they take a noticeably darker slant, exploring sounds based around an apocalyptic vision, and this is also displayed through the stunning cover art created by Manuel Dischinger.  With the album’s February 10th release date approaching, today we’re excited to premiere the title track, which closes out the ten-song album and spans close to twelve minutes in length.


SONG STREAM: Industrial Rock Act Mortiis Remixed by Die Krupps

Mortiis- Die Krupps Remix

Last year Mortiis released his first new full length in six years, ‘The Great Deceiver’.  Since 2004’s ‘The Grudge’ Mortiis and his backing band have been creating industrial rock, comparable to groups like Ministry, Combichrist, and Nine Inch Nails as well as some of the longer running industrial classics.  One of the cool elements of a lot of industrial music is it lends itself well to remixes, and that’s exactly what is in the works for 2017.  On April 21st Mortiis will be releasing ‘The Great Corrupter’, featuring remixes from artists like Die Krupps, Godflesh, Merzbow, and more.  There will also be some unreleased material from ‘The Great Deceiver’ recording sessions, which promise to head in a slew of different directions.  While April is a few months away, today Mortiis is premiering the Die Krupps remix of Doppelganger, and we’re excited to be one of the sites streaming the track first.  The song will be available for free download through the band’s website early next week week, and as an added bonus the playlist also includes a remix of The Shining Lamp of God by Leæther Strip!


INTERVIEW + SONG PREMIERE: Experimental Black Metal/Trip Hop Artist netra

netra- Ingrats

Since the release of ‘Mélancolie urbaine’ in 2010, netra has been blurring the lines between genres.  The one man project was originally based in France, later relocating to Norway, which influenced the themes on sophomore effort ‘Sørbyen’.  What netra was able to do on both of those releases was to take harsh, abrasive elements from depressive black metal and weave in trip hop, jazz, and other electronic/experimental sounds to create something that felt genuinely different.  One of the consistent elements has been melancholic, dreary soundscapes that are created with both aggressive and melodic sections.  In 2013 netra branched out further, collaborating with rap duo We’rewolves on the ‘Dreading Consciousness’ EP.  Now the time has come for the third full length from this project, ‘Ingrats’, which Hypnotic Dirge Records will be releasing on March 9th.  Today we’re bringing you an exclusive premiere of the song Everything’s fine, and whether this is your first time coming across netra or not you’ll find this project to entice you with a sound that’s not quite like anything else out there.


SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Sludge/Post Metal Band Thera Roya

Thera Roya- Stone and Skin

It has been a long time coming, but 2017 will see the release of Thera Roya’s debut full length ‘Stone & Skin’.  The Brooklyn sludge/post metal band has been putting out material since 2013 in the form of EP’s, splits, and singles and making a name for themselves through regular touring.  With plenty of time to hone their ideas across shorter releases, it’s clear they’ve been able to push their ideas to an entirely new level on ‘Stone & Skin’.  While there are familiar elements to their approach, both on the melodic and abrasive side, the way that Thera Roya brings everything together helps them to feel genuinely different.  Today we’re excited to bring you a premiere of the third track from the album, Dream of Arrakis, in advance of its February 17th release date.


SONG PREMIERE: Scottish Avant-Garde Black Metal Band Ashenspire

Ashenspire- Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary

Code666 has shown a knack for finding some of the more interesting avant-garde metal over the years, and they’ve continued this with the upcoming release of ‘Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary’, the debut from Scotland’s Ashenspire.  When promotional material for an album mentions A Forest of Stars, Dødheimsgard, and Devil Doll (to name a few), that certainly catches my attention.  What Ashenspire has done on their debut is explore the taken a darker look at British imperialism and its effects throughout history, a direct refute of the type of nationalism that has taken hold throughout black metal and some of the other sub-genres.  Delivered through an avant-garde and theatrical filter, the group delivers these dark tales in a sprawling yet unpredictable manner that does its best to give off a feeling of discomfort and grime.  With the album set for release on January 20th, today we’re excited to premiere the title track of ‘Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary’ so you can hear for yourself everything this incredible band has to offer.


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