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SONG PREMIERE: Scottish Avant-Garde Black Metal Band Ashenspire

Ashenspire- Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary

Code666 has shown a knack for finding some of the more interesting avant-garde metal over the years, and they’ve continued this with the upcoming release of ‘Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary’, the debut from Scotland’s Ashenspire.  When promotional material for an album mentions A Forest of Stars, Dødheimsgard, and Devil Doll (to name a few), that certainly catches my attention.  What Ashenspire has done on their debut is explore the taken a darker look at British imperialism and its effects throughout history, a direct refute of the type of nationalism that has taken hold throughout black metal and some of the other sub-genres.  Delivered through an avant-garde and theatrical filter, the group delivers these dark tales in a sprawling yet unpredictable manner that does its best to give off a feeling of discomfort and grime.  With the album set for release on January 20th, today we’re excited to premiere the title track of ‘Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary’ so you can hear for yourself everything this incredible band has to offer.


SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Doom/Heavy Rock Band Twingiant

Twingiant/Into the Storm Split

Twingiant has been writing their particular variant of heavy, lumbering metal/rock since 2010, releasing two full lengths to date alongside a demo and EP.  With ‘Devil Down’ having recently turned two years old, it seems appropriate that the Phoenix group would give us some new material.  This will happen on January 20th in the form of a split with Into the Storm, which will come out on cassette via tape experts Tridroid Records.  Into the Storm’s two tracks are from their recently released full length ‘Where the Merfalo Roam’, while Twingiant’s two offerings are brand new.  Today we’re excited to premiere the song Formally Known As, and whether you’ve come across these guys before or this is the first time you’ve come across them this song is worth giving a listen.


SONG PREMIERE: Polish Experimental Metal Band Youdash

Youdash- Astrophobia

I’ve been able to bring you a lot of great material, and thanks to a handful of labels a lot of it has been from Poland.  The Polish metal scene has always had a diverse roster of bands, and in 2016 it seems to be getting more exposure worldwide.  Another group from the country you should be paying attention to is Youdash, who released their debut full length ‘Astrophobia’ independently back in October before getting picked up by Deformeathing Production for an expanded CD release on December 16thYoudash’s origins go back to a band called Metalmorphosis who were around as early as 1998, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their particular take on experimental metal and two EP’s have preceded ‘Astrophobia’.  With ideas that pull in everything from death metal, Dillinger Escape Plan and Car Bomb like time changes, and Mr. Bungle type weirdness Youdash remains unpredictable, and today we’re excited to give you a sample of that with a premiere for the song Celestial Phenomena.


SONG PREMIERE: Swedish Melodic Black Metal Force – Wormlight

Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, Wormlight have been making melody infused black metal since 2014 (initially starting out under the name Unhallowed). This is a group whose style of furious, yet subtly melodic black metal harks back to the golden age of Swedish melodic black metal i.e. the 90’s. Influences from bands like Sacramentum, Vinterland and Noctes can be heard in Wormlight’s music. Back in 2015, the band released their second EP ‘Bloodfields’ independently. Since then however, the band has undergone a few changes.

Original vocalist Nordlyst parted ways with the band soon after the EP’s recording and in his absence guitarist Tiamat Invictuz has stepped in to offer his vocal talents. Fast forward to 2016, and the band is now gearing up to re-release the ‘Bloodfields’ EP, this time through Black Lion Records. This re-released version contains two re-recorded versions of the original tracks with Invictuz in front of the mic. We have the re-recorded version of the title track, streaming below for you to check out.



SONG PREMIERE: Instrumental Stoner Doom Trio – Spore Lord

To create an instrumental album these days takes a lot of talent. More so than traditional albums, because the artist has to hook the listener’s attention purely by the virtue of the music and hooking the attention of modern humans for more than a few seconds is an incredibly difficult feat to pull off. That has not stopped the Atlanta based power trio Spore Lord from unleashing their debut full length ‘In the Beginning’. If you have not figured it out from the band name and album artwork yet, Spore Lord’s music is psychedelic flavored stoner / doom metal and these guys manage to write music that makes one trip, even without any stimulants in one’s system.

Spore Lord seem to have taken a leaf out of the Karma to Burn book when it comes to numbering their tracks instead of naming them, albeit with proper order. The music is Sabbathian in a way that the riffs tend to resonate with the listeners almost instantaneously. Riffs are the protagonists here as they proceed to seduce with their bluesy charm and thick sludgy tone. The stoner metal groove is sure enough to get you banging your heads and before you know it, the leads and licks will have you reaching for your nearest air guitar. Take a listen to Spore Lord III, streaming below, for example.

Spore Lord


INTERVIEW + ALBUM PREMIERE : Colombian Old School Veterans – Witchtrap

As many modern metal bands are striving to play it technical and make metal more intricate and complicated, bands like Colombia’s Witchtrap are proudly waving the old school  flag. Having released 3 full lengths and a series of EP’s and splits, Witchtrap’s music has some not so subtle nods to the old guards like Venom, Motorhead, Sodom etc. The band’s most recent full length effort ‘Trap the Witch‘ originally came out last year through the band’s very own Dirty Sounds Records. This album is now being given a wider release courtesy of Hells Headbangers who will be releasing CD, Vinyl and Tape formats of the album on the 11th of November.

Impressed by the denim and leather based old school metal attack, we talked to the band’s drummer Witchhammer about the band’s history and the metal scene in their native land of Colombia. Also, we have ‘Trap the Witch’ streaming in it’s entirety below! So put on your battle jackets, crack open a beer and get lost in the old school charm of Witchtrap.



SONG PREMIERE: German Extreme Metal Band Ctulu

Ctulu- Ctulu

Now in their twelfth year of existence, Germany’s Ctulu are set to release their new self-titled full length on November 18th via MDD Records.  I’ve yet to tire of bands that incorporate elements of Lovecraft into their music, and Ctulu is another whose imagery ties into various Lovecraft tales.  While their previous three full lengths skewed heavily towards black metal, this new self-titled effort branches out significantly and blurs the line between genres, which explains the “extreme metal” tag on the band’s social media pages.  Today we’re excited to bring you an exclusive stream of the song Treibjagd, which showcases how much the group has evolved from their earlier days.


SONG PREMIERE: Azerbaijan Atmospheric Black Metal Band Violet Cold

Violet Cold- Magic Night

Discovering and spreading music from all over the world is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a music writer, and with social media and digital platforms like Bandcamp I’m always finding new material from unexpected places.  One man band Violet Cold is a perfect example, as creator Emin Guliyev lives in Baku, Azerbaijan.  He started writing material for this group in early 2013 and has released a constant stream of material ever since, including the ‘Magic Night’ full length that came out digitally back in January.  Mixing atmospheric black metal together with shoegaze, electronics, and other experimental elements, Guliyev handles every element of the music from recording to the artwork himself.  ‘Magic Night’ caught the attention of Tridroid Records, who will be giving it a cassette release on December 2nd.  Today we’re bringing you a stream of the title track so you can hear for yourself how powerfully entrancing this material really is.


INTERVIEW/SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Brutal Death Metal Band Face of Oblivion

Face of Oblivion- Cataclysmic Desolation

When it comes to quality death metal that skews towards the brutal side of the genre, Comatose Music has become one of my go-to labels.  Over the past fifteen years they’ve established a roster of quality, particularly when it comes to bands from the United States.  One of the groups on their roster that has been quiet for a while is Minnesota’s Face of Oblivion, who released their debut full length ‘The Embers of Man’ in 2011.  In the five years that have passed, vocalist James Lee left and was replaced last year by Jesse Watson from Incinerate.  Now Face of Oblivion is finally ready to release their sophomore effort ‘Cataclysmic Desolation’ on November 11th, and it’s a real heavy hitter.  We’re excited to bring you an exclusive stream of the fifth song on the record, Futility, alongside an interview with Jesse that discusses what went into the new album and much more!


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