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No More Heroes

Flight lays down some knowledge on psychological theory on anxiety and its potential impact on hero worship in the scene as well as the metal landscape in general.  

Exclusive Premiere – LEGACY OF EMPTINESS playing black metal from Norway

Black Lion Records is a label that has done well for itself over the past few years. It seems to specialize in black metal and death metal music that’s leaning towards the melodic and/or atmospheric side. The one that we have here is no different. Legacy of Emptiness are from Norway and play a similar style of atmospheric black metal with melodic strains. We have the privilege of doing an exclusive lyric video premiere for them that not only showcases the band’s music but also glorifies the stunning artwork their new album ‘Over The Past’ has and gives us a glimpse into their lyrical themes. The song is both dramatic and intense unlike the more mainstream sounding bands in this genre which offer a diluted version of the music. Legacy of Emptiness alternate the faster parts with sublime melodies and atmospheric bits, keeping it balanced and even memorable. Musically, the band’s sound is comparable to a mix of bands like Images at Twilight, Vintersorg, early Enslaved and even a bit of Dissection, although they’re obviously trying to do things in their own vision. Fans that are into the atmospheric/melodic spectrum of black metal will be suitably pleased, as was I. So sit back and enjoy this video premiere and don’t forget to book a copy for yourself. The album is due for release on June 12th, 2017.

Black Lion Records Site | Black Lion Records Bandcamp | Black Lion Records Facebook | Legacy of Emptiness Facebook

ALBUM PREMIERE: Italian Sludge/Doom Band OTUS

OTUS- 7.83Hz

Italian sludge/doom band OTUS has been around since 2012, releasing a demo in 2013 before taking several years to put together their full length debut.  The resulting effort ‘7.​83Hz’, originally released independently in 2016, is a 70 minute concept album that was inspired by Timothy Leary’s quote: “Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out”.  If you missed this one last year, Argonauta Records is giving you another chance to experience the group’s take on lucid detachment and becoming fully in tune with the universe through their music, as they’ll be giving ‘7.83Hz’ an expanded CD release on March 20th.  Today we’re excited to re-introduce the album in full to give you a chance to experience OTUS’ take on the realms of harsh and meditative doom.


LABEL SPOTLIGHT: Black Bow Records (United Kingdom)

Black Bow Records

In recent months I’ve been noticing more and more quality sludge/doom coming my way that had a common element, they were all released by Black Bow Records.  The label wasn’t one I had been overly familiar with before, so I did a little digging and found out that it’s run by Jon Davis of Conan.  Black Bow is set to have one of their busiest release years ever, and with an increased focus on digital releases you can expect that the label will continue to pump out quality sludge, doom, and any other type of heavy music that’s focused on the worship of the riff.  To find out more about what is quickly becoming one of the top labels for this type of music, we asked Jon Davis some questions and our staff has provided a round-up of some of the noteworthy releases Black Bow has put out so far.  Please note this is not an all-inclusive list, but we did cover as much as we could, so we encourage you to dig even deeper and check out their whole roster! –Chris Dahlberg



I remember receiving a few copies of Buckshot Facelift‘s first release ‘Universal Goat Tilt’ that I ended up thoroughly enjoying. Everyone who got a copy of that through my distro ended up loving it too. It was just undiluted and properly channelled powerviolence/grindcore. So when I got the opportunity to write about their latest release, I was thrilled. I can’t believe it’s been a decade already, and it’s a shame that this highly talented band that shares a member of Artificial Brain, are still not very well known.

‘Ulcer Island’ is their latest full length release and on the whole, the band seems to have matured. The rawness has diminished but not the twisted songwriting. I miss the speed but it’s more coherent and streamlined now. There are a lot of variations on this album and that doesn’t hurt and keeps things unpredictable. It’s a mix of grind and death metal with flashes of powerviolence, and it resembles the sound of bands like Abaddon Incarnate, Nasum, Rotten Sound and even a bit of a Yacopsae, but with their own trademark charm. During the slower moments bands like Mindflair come to mind. The song that we have up for an exclusive premiere is one of their longer ones on the album, titled Weathered Mask of Autumn (Unearthing The Armless). It’s reminiscent of mid-period Cephalic Carnage meets Soilent Green plus all of the aforementioned bands. It’s a lot more meaty and chuggish, and that’s only one of the facets of this highly intriguing release. I’m told the album has a unique concept as well, which as the vocalist explains in his own words, “Ulcer Island is a concept album in which the narrative gradually moves from the oblique street level view into a dreamlike introspection, Ulcer Island’s blend of grindcore, powerviolence, and death metal is arranged in a way that mirrors this transition as the album progresses.”

If you’re looking for grind that’s innovative, visceral and varied in its expression, you must look into Buckshot Facelift. It’s due for release via Paragon Records on April 14th, so make sure to snag a copy for yourself from one of the links listed below.

Paragon Records | Buckshot Facelift Facebook | Buckshot Facelift Bandcamp

February 2017 Highlights – TO Staff

When I put up the post for the February 2017 highlights in the staff group, I honestly did not expect these many entries. My tunnel vision and assumption that February’s tend to have few notable releases, led me to believe that there were only a handful of records worth noticing this month. Good thing I work with a bunch of talented scribes that always turn my attention towards the stuff I overlooked. Here are the albums that we believe you must check out this month  ~ Shrivatsan R

Ancst (Germany) – Furnace (Black Metal / Crust Punk, Independent)



INTERVIEW: Marc Bourgon of Cancelled

Cancelled was conceived as a side project for Marc Bourgon of Fuck the Facts and Greber.  It was a pleasant surprise in my rotation given just how different it is from the pack.  Given these variations from the norm, I was happy to accept the opportunity to pick Marc's brain on the new music, his influences, and the future of the project.


So today we have the opportunity of doing a full album stream for the Spanish sludge/doom monsters Mothersloth on the respected Italian label for this kind of music, Argonauta Records. The music is of high quality, building up slowly but setting up a solid foundation of what’s to come. It’s immediately reminiscent of early Danzig but the doom influences seep in and make things interesting and heavier. Overall, it’s a smooth yet grainy affair, with some massive riffing going on to soaring vocals. The whole album resonates with an old school vibe but the sound isn’t necessary dated. It’s this melding of genres that lends to it a fresh feel, something wholly intriguing and charming. It’s been a while since I heard someone try and sing like Glenn Danzig, and even though the vocalist here isn’t exactly trying to imitate him, the influence is healthy and well sustained. The album maintains an uptempo plodding momentum and doesn’t wallow too much in the sludge trappings, and coupled with inspiring vocals, elevates it above hordes of other such bands.

‘Moon Omen’ comes out on March 3rd, 2017 and happens to be the band’s second full length album. Argonauta have a fine album to offer and fans of heavy metal/doom metal will be sure to derive some pleasure out of it. Stream the album in its entirety below and don’t forget to support the music if you like it!

Argonauta Records | Argonauta Records Facebook | Mothersloth Facebook 



SONG PREMIERE: French Black/Death Metal Band Necroblood

Necroblood- Collapse of the Human Race

2017 seems to be the year for quite a few long-running bands to release their debut full length, as February saw French death metal group Ritualization put out their first full length record.  Fellow Frenchmen Necroblood are set to put out their debut full length ‘Collapse of the Human Race’ on March 31st as a co-release between Iron Bonehead Productions (vinyl) and Amor Fati Productions (CD), and they’re another group where the fairly lengthy period of putting out demos and EP’s has allowed them to finely hone their craft.  Formed in 2010 by ¾ of Evynkar, Necroblood plays the type of claustrophobic, hellish black/death metal that’s taken notes from bands like Beherit and Von alongside some of the more prominent old-school death metal bands.  Today we’re excited to premiere the second song from the album, Through Limitless Abysses, so you can experience for yourself how dense and calculated the group’s raging attack truly is.


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